How to Stop Buying?

Today we are talking about Minimalist again. This is the fifth article of the Minimalist Lifestyle series, especially my weakness, clothes shopping.

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This time is about buying the clothes, bags and jewellery. This is really a big problem for all the girls. How should we stop buying? My Experience in Spending Money Wisely has the big idea about be wisely with the consumerism. This blog is about how the real actions we should do in our daily life to avoid spending money for apparels.


☀Have the idea of Capsule Wardrobe. Purchase the clothes that can pair with different styles. For example, the white shirt can pair with jeans, jackets, shorts, suites.

❄Keep the receipt and do not cut out the label when we just receive your order or right after we are home. The action of the purchase maybe a blind impulse. We still have chance to make the return when we regret of spending the unwisely money.

🌙Clean up the wardrobe seasonally, and hang the clothes for the seasonal on the place we can reach easily. So we will not feel we need anything and have an unnecessary shopping desire.

🌼Fully understand our style and body type, know how to make the best use of the advantages, and bypass the disadvantages of our body. Avoid clutter by keeping your wardrobe 70% basic style +30% fancy style and getting rid of anything you haven’t worn in two or three years.


⭐Do not consume in advance, and buy in advance, especially do not consume impulsively when the store is running the clearance sale. Only buy what we need. Before we buy an item, ask ourselves, will I wear it out tonight?

❤Know the occasion. Most of us are doing simple jobs. We don’t have a lot of fancy places to attend. We don’t have dry cleaners and maids at home. The fancy suits and dresses will only become our burden. Online influencers will lure us with vibe images that make us imagine we’re walking the streets of Paris in this outfit, but we’ll never visit either.

🐇Shoes and accessories are crucial for styling. We don’t need a lot of clothes, but some elaborate accessories can go with everything. Buy the most comfortable shoes, one pair of shoes of each style, and replace them when they wear out. Buy the casual and don’t overbuy accessories we don’t need for one-off occasions, such as going to the beach or a wedding.


🐟Another method is very easy and common, put the things we want to buy into the online store shopping cart, if a week or half a month later we still want it, then make the order, otherwise, we will not buy it.

📕Bookkeeping, when we look at our bookkeeping book, we will be wondering how we bought so many things, we will have a sense of shame, which would help us have better control with our consumption desire.

Hope this blog would help you~

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Author: Anfy

Dream(ak)er. Graduate of the University of Toronto. Studied Architecture, Visual Arts, and Art History. Freelance fashion model, video maker/ social media manager, UX/UI designer. Being expressive makes me alive, being creative makes me curious.

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