The 3 New Trends, Modern and Fun Furniture & Home Décor Brands You Should Know

The floor lamp in my condo is broken, and at this moment we can not go anywhere. The only way to purchase furniture is shopping online. So I start my browsing. It is interesting I saw a lot of design works over and over again, and this time, I have the time and power to find out their names and designers. They are extremely amazing designs and I would love to share them with you.

Gustaf Westman

You must have seen it often from Instagram, seems every influencer or young celebrity has this mirror. The fruity and fluent wavy appearance, the combination of Europe contracted and mellow nifty, broke the depressing feeling of the conventional mirror, make the photo shooting more interesting. I would like to mention, the designer Gustaf Westman has a background in Architecture, we can see the modernism and aesthetic, the foundation of art from his works. Every place in his home is also very interesting, the walls are full of stickers. I am sure he brought his design from his life and brought life into his design.

He loves to use curvy lines for his design with the dreamy macaron color. The combination is easy to think about, but he is the one who makes it real, interesting, and beautiful.


I believe most architects, designers, or students have seen Magis’s works. Magis is one of the “most copied” furniture brands. Especially its “360 Container”, one of its hit items. This storage container is similar to a trolley, seemingly small volume but very amazing, each layer of drawers can be rotated out, breaking the inconvenience of the traditional drawer, very suitable for people who do not like to organize things. The clapboard of the first layer can simply become an open platform that has the edges, can be used as a nightstand, for water cups, mobile phone storage.

Another work you must know is its ‘Spun Rocking Chair“, you will not fall when you swing with it. The advocate keynote of Magis is unimaginative. With the ceramic fine thread with the whirlpool shape, you can sit down to experience a world spinning. It is also a sculptured artwork when it stands quietly.

“Me Too” is another hit design by Magis. Even though the collection is for kids but I believe everyone would fall in love with it. The combination of the cute image of a dog with the modern sense of simplicity. The sleek shape is also designed for children’s safety so that children do not worry about getting hurt. The polished material will be more durable and there are all sizes available for choosing.


Moustache’s works are very good at balancing visual impact and functionality. It has the most craftsmanship and innovative design of the current best international designer. The most famous one is its “Bold Stool” which looks like a water pipe twisted into the shape of furniture and looks like the usual Bold type. It was acquired by MoMA in 2012, the first French chair to be included in the museum’s permanent collection in 60 years. They are shaped with metal tubes, filled with soft foam, and covered with a replaceable fabric that is fun and practical. The combination of weird and modern and the perfect usage of the material made me fall in love with its designs.

Are you ready to spend some money on these amazing furnitures? Here are some tips for your home design. Good luck with your home decor hunting!

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