The Niche Architecture Websites That Open Your Mind

I enjoy browsing architecture websites and Pinterest when I was in school. As architectural students, we all know the websites like Archdaily, Dezeen, Architectural Digest, etc. I would not mention them here, I would love to introduce 4 niche treasure sites that will bring you fresh and interesting architectural design inspiration.


Archidoesi s a Tumblr profile for sharing works of architecture from around the world. It has all the labels you need to find out the specific style you are looking for. I always found some fresh images under this account. You can submit your work via Tumblr or email to get some exposure.


KooZA/rch is an experimental digital platform researching the Architectural Imaginary, with a particular focus on the Un-built. As a student-led platform at the Architectural Association School of Architecture of London [AA], KooZA/rch has sought to catalyze a critical conversation around the definition and potential of architecture beyond its built form to understand the space it enfolds both physically and metaphorically, the role it plays across communities and cultures and its social, economic and political implications. You can find all kinds of critical and incredible ideas on this site.

Future Architecture Platform

It is a great site to follow the trend. It is more like a community connecting renowned institutions such as museums, galleries, publishing houses, biennials, and festivals with emerging multidisciplinary talent. If you are seeking any opportunity, we should check their posts and see how they did it.

Drawing Architecture

This is a special website for collecting architectural drawings. The works cover a variety of architectural drawings expression, including plan, section, elevation, axonometric drawings, etc.; Painting media include pencil, pen, charcoal, marker, watercolor, mixed media, and electronic painting. When I could not find a way of writing to express my idea, I would come to this site. It is also enjoyable to look at all the drawings, they are more like the artwork instead of the diagram.

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