Super Cool Jewelries Have the Architectural Touch

We always see architectural elements in all kinds of designs, like furniture: The 3 New Trends, Modern and Fun Furniture & Home Décor Brands You Should Know3 Must-Know Furniture & Home Décor Brands If You Are Design/Architecture Student. Another field that can always see architectural elements must be jewelry. Let me introduce two super cool jewelry work here.


“Made of gold, diamonds, and light,” according to The Rayy’s website, while VOGUE raves:

“A breakthrough technology for the most amazing effect.”

Swiss jewelry brand The Rayy can take credit for this, as light is also an ingredient in its collection, alongside precious metals and diamonds. These works look very simple, modern style, the surface is polished extremely smooth, without any traces of carving, but once the light shines on them, can reflect the symbols and language of special significance to the wearer, is undoubtedly a piece of secret jewelry.

Applying light to jewelry design is a technology that EPFL and Rayform have developed after years of scientific research. First, they use highly precise optical simulations to focus light on the jewelry and then reshape the light according to the specific information they want to present. In simple terms, the gold surface reflects light in a predetermined shape, which can be “LOVE” or “HERO.” In addition to letters, more complex images such as constellations are also possible, and this special information will follow the light and the wearer as a shadow. If the name of the lover is carved with light and touching words of love, who will refuse the high-level confession ~

Torafu Architects

The ring is a gold ring wrapped in sterling silver, and the gold inside will only reveal itself with daily wear, symbolizing the time shared and lifelong commitment of two people in love. The silver on the ring will start to wear off over six months or several years, depending on the wearing habits and emotional state of the couple in the marriage.

This kind of wear does not seem ordinary fade, from a distance, it seems to be infected with gradual change of color in general natural, a closer look slightly mottled, but it is still warm and fit, that a touch of gold is the trace of time passing. The more you wear it, the faster the gold will show, and in five years, ten years, or even decades, the silver will fade away completely and become a gold ring.

It like our love and ring was removed while fighting stopped change, time seems also static, but in the end, many years later, when each other’s ring faded into gold, prove this affection is fraught with the passed test, two people always accompany all the way.

This is the gold wedding ring k18 by Japanese design studio Torafu Architects. They are handmade by Japanese jewelers. It only takes pre-order and needs at least half a year for the making process.

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