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I “fell in love” with an Asian actress named Zhou Yutong. Not only her excellent acting, nor her personality, but her taste in fashion and interior design, the home decor. I would like to introduce some amazing furniture she picked for her own home. I will also introduce her fashion style in my future blog!

Poltrona Frau

You can always see this classic 1919 cigar chair by Poltrona Frau. It is bold to choose the amber color, but since the color tone of her home is white, the chair fits in her entire interior concordantly.

The “1919” armchair, is archived under the code “128”, with a strong personality, characterized by the gorgeous Rococo style, especially the widened part of the legs and feet, and the iconic small tray, which is convenient for drinks and cigars, hence the name” Cigar Chair”.

The frame structure of the entire sofa chair is beech. The seat, backrest, and armrest spring system consist of hand-tied steel biconical springs attached to jute belts. The seat is padded with rubberized horsehair while the backrest and armrests are in hand-shaped vegetable horsehair. As you can imagine how comfortable when you seat on this chair.

Each armchair has its own unique code for identification.


I believe our old friends are familiar with USM, I have introduced this brand in the blog “3 Must-Know Furniture & Home Décor Brands If You Are Design/Architecture Students”.

USM is also one of the household fashion items in recent years, as modular furniture, you do not have to worry about the entry of supersize furniture, you can splice it into any cabinet you want, bright color, pure, add space expressive force, simple, classic, practical, flexible, atmospheric…..


There is also a Resting Bear lying in the heart of her living room. This is the classic Resting Bear from Vitra. Zhou loves it so much that she even named it “Luke”.

The stylist is inspired by the animals. The shape of the lovely little bear and the sweet color can be used as the cushion for leaning on. It is also good for photo shooting.


We can always see the classic Flowerpot collection lamps by & Tradition in Zhou’s photos

Flowerpot, meaning love and peace, was designed by Verner Panton in the era of the hippy movement in America. Two semicircular spheres capture the trend of fashion, like a flower bud in a pot, or like a regime waiting for change.


The chandelier in the living room is by Gubi, a trendy Scandinavian furniture brand that represents the “golden age” of Danish design in this multi-life collection.

A metal ring, two concentric cylinders and a pair of rotating quarter sphere lampshades form the multi-Lite collection of fun and customizable lamps. By rotating the lampshade individually, the multi-Lite chandelier can be converted into a variety of combinations, where the light can go up, down, or emit asymmetrical artistic light.

For more amazing and chic furniture, check this blog also “The 3 New Trends, Modern and Fun Furniture & Home Décor Brands You Should Know”.

I have decided, I need USM for my future home! How about you?

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