10 Signs Your Perfectionism Is Out of Control

I was writing about Perfectionism in my previous blog. I found it hard to control my desire to be perfect, especially when I got a lot of tasks to do. So I have summarized several points in this article, hoping to help me get out of the dilemma and have the opportunity to help you.

1 ️, there are many things I want to do, but every one of them is hard to start.

Because I have too many concerns and ideas, every detail must be done to be perfect. But no one cares about the parties, and I procrastinate more and more.

2 ️, love to see me with a critical eye and habitually look at everything around with a critical eye.

The gap between the world you envision and the world as it is is widening and becoming imbalanced.


3 ️, especially afraid of making mistakes.

I will give myself a death sentence even if it is a bit mistake. And I would look repeatedly and can not go through it.

4 ️, it isn’t easy to have a sense of accomplishment.

Even if I succeed at something, the pleasure I get from it may be fleeting because you immediately start reviewing what I could have done better and feel like you’re still “crap.”

5 ️, especially afraid of making choices.

I think there will be regret no matter which you choose.


6, always think of the worst result first.

I believe this is considerate, but therefore become pessimistic.

7 ️, Perfectionism makes me envy the advantages of people around me and magnifies the shortcomings of others.

I always can’t help wanting to change the minor problems I think on ta.

8, I know that nobody is perfect, but I will feel uncomfortable if everything is less than ideal.

So I can never relax. And severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.

9, I am more sensitive than others.

A minor criticism like ten thousand arrows wear the heart,  I hope the whole world like me.

10, I love to compare with others

Sometimes even take my shortcomings over the advantages of others.


🔵 After I found myself bound by Perfectionism, I began to think about why this happened, probably because of the influence of self-abasement. I felt that only perfection deserved to be loved.

🔵 How do I change? If you’re a serious perfectionist, try these three tips first:

  1. Realizing that Perfectionism does more harm than good will strengthen your resolve to get rid of it.
  2. Break the big goals into small goals and pay more attention to the process to bring their harvest.
  3. Start with the practice of “Don’t judge people,” You will find that people are much more likable than you think, and their good qualities will rub off on you.

Do one thing before heart meditation: don’t do = failure. After you’ve done something, say to yourself: It’s great to get something.

Accept imperfection to be yourself. Come on, everybody.

Reference: YiZhiYeShengYueLiang

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Author: Anfy

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