Track the Taste of the Man Designed the Most Classic Black Dress

It is always interesting to see the auction. Not only seeing the pricy collections. All the items is showing the collectors’ special taste.

Under the pandemic, so many things went online and Christie’s “Hubert de Givenchy Collection” auction bring my special attention. This auction in Paris was officially announced earlier this year. You can watch the whole live stream here

The collection includes more than 1,200 pieces of furniture, sculptures, paintings, and private objects from France and the rest of Europe.

Both come from two of the master’s most iconic residences: the elegant Hotel d’Orrouer in Paris and the magnificent Chateau du Jonchet in The Province of El Loire, France.

It can be said that each of the masterpieces can represent Mr. Givenchy’s elegant taste and aesthetic.

The live auction, which was held in Paris from 14th to 17th this week, fetched 31,410,228 euros, equivalent to more than 220 million yuan. The total value of the auction has reached more than 580 million euros.

As a legend in the world of couture and clothing, Hubert de Givenchy’s name itself embodies the essence of elegant style and French taste.

In Givenchy’s first collection, he posed models in white flanged linen shirts and gaberdine wrap dresses, boldly breaking suit tradition and making innovative Haute elegance a Givenchy classic.

The following year, Givenchy’s “Sabrina” dress began a 42-year friendship with Hepburn. Since then, Hepburn has only worn Givenchy’s works, and Givenchy has designed many classic looks for her friend.

Their emotional little black dress from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” broke a new record for a movie dress when it sold for a whopping $578,000 at Christie’s auction in 2006.

This year also happens to be the 70th anniversary of Mr. Givenchy’s first haute couture collection in Paris. Time flies, but it is still significant.

In fact, this auction is more about the transmission and inheritance of art.

At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to pay our sincerest respects to the best representative of French taste and the beauty he brings to us.

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