Benefits of walking aimlessly

It was one of those rare moments I had last weekend.


instead of my typical schedule of bunch of todo lists – late work email responses, workout sessions, grocery shopping and some (ok, a lot of) netflix viewing, I decided to have a spur-of-the-moment brunch with one of my friends I have not seen for a long time.  

It was good to see an old friend and catch up on her life and realizing the importance of friendship in the midst of crazy work life.

After promising each other that we would be better at keeping in touch (“once again”) in the future, I decided to take a leisurely walk along the Bloor Street, instead of my usual approach to getting on the closest subway station.

The weather was amazing….not too hot or cold, just right! After walking for sometime along the Bloor Street towards Yonge Street, I saw IT!

The graffiti wall with a splash of colours and images.

I almost missed seeing it if I walked in my usual “let’s get to subway quickest as possible” mode….however with my “new” weekend approach of “enjoying the moment” walk, I did not miss it.

With my minimal black and white   outfit, I absolutely had to be in the photo with this great image.

What do you do on the weekend?


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