Time Theater – Zen Coffee Shop Design

There are a lot of new cafe shops opened in Toronto recently, and they are all very chic and elegant, however, I think they only focused on the installation or furniture placing and how to make the drink more social media friendly, the seats are not comfortable, the lights are bad. I am hoping there is the cafe like Neótan Café I would like to talk about today.

Geometrical contact between classical rhythm has a subtle, such as the main entrance of the Louvre, Pei set a transparent glass pyramid. The geometrical line created the fantasy to the Palace Museum tour, lightsome and solemn, simple and complicated, bare, contemporary and classical structure into a dazzling gem become dominant in Paris city characteristics.

The core elements of this coffee shop “theater” are the undisciplined characters, the ordinary plot, and the tranquil and peaceful interior environment. By the entrance, on one side brunet walnut makes a wall begin, by inside one side brunet walnut makes a wall end. The curtain of theater opens and closes, perform one involves the life essential, about the repertory of time.

Coffee space varies according to its location, with a variety of rich forms, such as a place for live chat with friends, a leisurely and delicate afternoon tea on weekends, or a relaxing and convenient refreshment between jobs. The space design of Neótan Café hopes to create a relaxed and ZEN rest place in the busy city through the unique place vibe and enjoy the free experience of coffee and time coexistence.

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Author: Anfy

Dream(ak)er. Graduate of the University of Toronto. Studied Architecture, Visual Arts, and Art History. Freelance fashion model, video maker/ social media manager, UX/UI designer. Being expressive makes me alive, being creative makes me curious.

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