Light and the Modulus

After the abstraction of nature, everything is summarised by mathematics and geometry. Even if the growth and combination of trunk, branches, leaves, and veins of an ordinary plant showed a more varied and ingenious pattern of reality, is it possible that there is some mathematical connection involved in the natural things? This idea fascinated Le Corbusier, prompting him to truly enter the field of “the content and spirit of the study of scale of proportion”.

For architecture, doorways and window holes are usually the destructions of the form; they must be transformed into the form of the performance to have a positive aesthetic significance. The design of Taimei Gong Yi Aesthetic Museum opens a top hole with a diameter of 1.4 meters, the diameter of the outer expansion is 1.8 meters, and the inclined mouth design plays a role in reducing the thickness of the floor visually while increasing the entry of external light, forming a rising natural gravity. With the passage of time and the weather changing, light shows a rich face.

In terms of the overall layout, the front courtyard and backyard are the external extensions of the space. The entrance courtyard connects to nature in an open way, organizing the main traffic lines and constructing the eastern garden experience through the zigzag and repeated paths. The backyard is framed by a certain scale. Wild stones lie or stand in clusters, and green ferns grow freely under the sun and rain, adding a lively and dynamic scene to the interior.

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Author: Anfy

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