The Best Way to Wear Cable-knit Sweater

We must say it’s Miu Miu and Ralph Lauren who has made the classic cable-knit sweater popular this season.

Miu Miu looks more like a “personally tailored uniform” deliberately cut short to express individual uniqueness.

Ralph Lauren, on the other hand, no longer cares that clothing will submerge personality, and has reached a level of self-consistency. Therefore, it can make thousands of faces on female intellectuals.

There is no right or wrong in the design, just provide more options. In addition to the influencers’ demonstration, let’s take a closer look at the common wear in everyday life.

A lot of Korean influencers are good at Ralph Lauren style:

@soryounga looks more elite in the workplace. She chose a more rational gray cable-knit sweater with a V-neck showing the white shirt favored by female intellectuals, which is suitable for every urban professional to learn.

The most consistent impression of female intellectuals is @jxnjuvv. Khaki pants, loafers, lapel shirts, whatever comes out, are the necessary single products for female intellectuals nowadays.

Because they’re so classic, they’ll last a decade or so, like Anne Hathaway‘s ensemble in the 2015 movie The Intern.

Now she’s stepping right on the trend, wearing a navy sweater with white lapels showing through the neckline and jeans to give a twist to sweater style.

The most important thing is her hair, which is loose and natural but must be smooth, despite some “stereotypes”, but also the most applicable look for female intellectuals.

If you don’t like the tight sweater, you can choose a slightly oversized style.

When she saw the Toteme maxi sweater, Joan Didion came to mind.

 I like big sweaters, pants, long skirts—loose, casual, comfortable clothes,

This minimalist style with a gentle sense of a loose cable-knit sweater, as if time has slowed down, people can slow down the pace in the rapids, slowly.

And @sophiaroe, who surprises me as a blogger. Her cable-knit sweater look is both flabby and stylish, from the Danish brand VILA.

The sweater has a puffy shoulder and a more prominent pit piping at the neckline, making it an avant-garde style for single wear.

I have one cable-knit sweater, but I never wear it like any style above, I should learn how to do it! How about you? Are you thinking about getting one?

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  1. I have a number of different cable sweaters with different warmth. It is a classic item that would never go away. Love the long maxi styled one!


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