The warm home, my sheltered harbor

I bought a pink bath rug on Black Friday. It perfectly matches the brown-grey tone of my bathroom. “This is the warm tone I want for my entire home in the future.” Then I saw this image when I was browsing photos for inspiration online. I always thought about white and grey as the main colour tones, but the design of this house completely transformed my thoughts.

This house is owned by Chloe Brookman, founder of the home goods, clothing, and children’s products brand Olli Ella. She and her husband Charlie Wheeler bought a house built in 1910 in South Coogee and embarked on a major renovation project. The couple worked with architect Sofia Husni to renovate and extend the house, creating a home that feels classic yet completely unique.

Chloe Brookman and Charlie Wheeler had never seen the house before they decided to buy it, but they knew it was in a great location and well-prepared for a major renovation.

“We really adored this house but didn’t get the opportunity to see it in person because another party’s buyers’ agent pushed for a quick sale, so we were forced to put in an offer, which was successful!”

The fusion of artistic inspiration at home is warm.

The designer created a complex and inspiring space for the extended family (five children). Combines a wide range of elements, including Wes Anderson film sets, art deco palettes, Mediterranean motifs, and English country gardens.

Adjust the atmosphere of daily life with cream green.

“The dining room is the heart of the house.” “We have four boys and a girl, so we need plenty to eat.” The tiles are 150-year-old Serbian roof tiles that have been reused. Vintage Danish chairs are upholstered for a custom-made dining table, Chloe.

Check out this beautiful kitchen, which was built almost entirely from recycled materials, including the kitchen floor tiles and benches.

Chloe admitted to their lovely 94-year-old neighbor Norma that the house had undergone several “unfortunate” renovations over the years, but fortunately some of the original features had been preserved. The plan was to extend the house upwards and outwards to accommodate the extended family while retaining as much of the original facade as possible. A major renovation followed, designed in collaboration with architect Sofia Husni. “We kept all the facades and extended them a little further back, adding outdoor areas, fireplaces, and a roof garden. “New floors and lots of windows.”

‘We wanted to maximise light when designing the house, hence the huge windows above the dining area,’ 

The living room area under the spiral staircase, custom-designed sofa by Chloe Burl coffee table by Condo Objects Re-soft bag for vintage sheepskin chair

The home now spans three levels with the main living area, bedrooms, and offices, with a children’s play area and media room on the top floor. Recycled bricks were used to build a new extension to the rear of the house, and the kitchen is covered in 50-year-old Serbian roof tiles. The interior showcases myriad inspired influences, from the symmetry of a Wes Anderson movie set to memories of a trip to Italy and Morocco and nearby Art Deco buildings with green and dusty pink facades.

The presentation of private aesthetics is the owner’s one-of-a-kind design.

The highlight of this home is the sculptural spiral staircase designed by Chloe. “We go up and down stairs all the time, and I wanted something a little Escher,” she said.

Developing the garden was an equally important component of the transformation, based on Chloe’s childhood growing up in the UK and being delighted with how the country garden permeated their residence. The family has created a “mini forest” on the property, where chickens, dogs, cats, and children roam free.

The family has its own “little forest” with chickens, a vegetable garden, and 15 fruit trees in the backyard.

The finished house perfectly reflects her family’s style, but somehow it feels like it’s been standing for 100 years. Chloe said, “It’s very much about us; it’s everywhere; it’s fun; and it’s classic.”

Use a few pink dots to represent the flair.

The children’s bathroom is lined with pink checkerboard tiles.

Infuse the home with your own preferences and styles and make it a large space suitable for living with your family. Every time I go home, I feel the power. This may be part of the allure of “home,” that it is a safe haven. 

Reference: A Sydney Family Home Inspired By Wes Anderson, Art Deco + English Country Gardens by Lucy Feagins

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