Build a house like in the fairytale countryside

When they learned they were expecting a daughter, Karl Erik Hallden and his wife Terese decided to leave Stockholm and move to Oland, Sweden’s second-largest island. They inherited a wooden house from the 1920s, which, while old-fashioned in its original condition, was full of decorative potential. The expansion of space became a primary factor in accommodating the growing family.

What attracted me the most was the fairytale feeling of the interior design, the wallpaper, the furniture, and the houseplants make the house live, and the coherence with the atmosphere of the entire house perfectly.

You can see the farm field from the window of the dining room. The white wood material of the house offers a sense of the peaceful and the color of white makes any color does not exaggerate the space. Indeed, the couple used a lot of small decorations and massive wallpapers.

The house was decorated with colors and patterns, “I’m not a pompous person, but I wanted it to feel light and bright, mostly for my children and myself.” Erik is a self-confessed hoarder and a fan of designer Carl Malmsten. He took advantage of the new space the house offered him and, during the pandemic, began scouring local flea markets and online auction sites for items the night after his daughter went to bed.

The island’s emptiness also adds to its appeal. Like the English countryside, Oland is quiet and lonely. “I live with a group of old people and farmers,” Erik says wryly. When he and his wife told their neighbors that they intended to stay there for the long haul, they were pleasantly surprised. “They said, ‘Great! ‘In winter, fall, and part of spring, most of the houses are empty, so it’s a little lonely, and that’s what I like about it.” “He added. Stockholm, by contrast, is like “living in an anthill”.

Erik House has seven rooms and an area of 140 square meters. Built in 1926, the Erik House is a typical wooden house owned by many Swedes. It is a summer home and still retains many details from the period. He fell in love with the stairs of his house, which he said were paneled and painted green to “imitate marble.” They were hand-painted and a little worn.”

If you have a lot of staff, making your home white tone may be a good idea, or use the majority of white furniture.

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