Temple of Growth

Melbourne architects Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang for the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) created a brief architectural work. The 2022 NGV Architecture Commission is a reimagining of the global icon, the Parthenon. Both architects are from NWMN, the studio established by Adam. Adam’s main focus is adaptive architectural reuse and regeneration through a conscious engagement with the lens of local ecology. Kelvin is talented in image-making to facilitate conversations about architecture as a driver of positive change.

Temple of Boom” invited the audience to think of time’s impact on architecture, and building structures gradually with the increase of paintings and works of art. From colorful flowers design to optical illusion, the mapping points three rounds. Artists participating in the first round include Drez, Manda Lane, and David Lee Pereira.

Drez Melbourne is a multi-disciplinary artist, who uses color and form to play perspective. Drawing inspiration from the perspectives of art history, including Greenberg’s modernism and Op art, Drez’s work creates an intersection between abstract and street art. For the installation, Drez created a bold, colorful mural that changes composition when viewed from different angles.

Manda Lane is a muralist, and illustrator from Victoria colin wood and paper artist. With keen attention to botany, her art explores the interaction between the natural world and industrial or man-made objects. In this mural installation, Lane will depict the various growth behaviors of plants, creating a visual metaphor for personal expression and growth.

David Lee Pereira is a visual artist, and his works explore gender, sexuality, and the identity of liquidity. Influenced by Impressionist and surrealist artists Georgia O ‘Keefe, Salvador Dali, and Edvard Munch, Pereira will decorate the building with larger-than-life floral patterns that draw attention to how nature lavishes scent and color to attract pollinators.

In the world of minimalism, black and white, I am fancier with the arts with the bold color now.

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Author: Anfy

Dream(ak)er. Graduate of the University of Toronto. Studied Architecture, Visual Arts, and Art History. Freelance fashion model, video maker/ social media manager, UX/UI designer. Being expressive makes me alive, being creative makes me curious.

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