It is Spring, it is the time to put some new style on

In The HomeStyle I Am Dream Of, I have expressed my love to Zhou Yutong, a Chinese actress. I introduced her interior taste in that blog. As mentioned, I want to show you her dressing style too.


A T-shirt is an essential item. The most basic is also the most difficult to wear. If you don’t wear a T-shirt well, it’s easy to be “like everyone else.” So let’s see how Zhou chooses and matches t-shirts.

Whether a skirt suit or a trouser suit, a T-shirt is always the perfect fit.

A solid color T-shirt with letters on is a good design. Letters don’t have to be fancy, and simple letters can work well if appropriately arranged.

Zhou’s looks very simple. The T-shirt and pants are solid colors without a pattern.

But she paired a pair of green sneakers with a dark red T-shirt that made the outfit come alive.

It was the same idea. The design was simple, a plain T-shirt and jeans, but Zhou was instantly stylish with a bright green bag and shoes.


Have you ever had a closet full of clothes you don’t know what to wear when you’re about to work?

At this point, you can refer to the formula: shirt + underwear + slacks. Guarantee how to wear not wrong ~

During OOTD, the most afraid is the element conflict.

For example, if the shirt is colorful, our interior is the best solid color.

If the color of the shirt is plain, it is best to have a pattern inside

Shirts and suits are our old partners, and retro styles are our old friends

Zhou wore a striped shirt with an oversized lapel, a bit Hong Kong-style, while wearing an OVERSIZE silhouette suit, which looked particularly feminine.


Suits can be the most common way to wear them. If you want to daily point, you can put around collar T-shirt inside if you’re going to be “spicy,” like Zhou, choose a sports vest.

Unlike the usual suit pants, Bermuda shorts will be more casual, with a little boyish young free and easy, is the new favorite of bloggers and stars this year.

Bermuda shorts are usually two or three centimeters above the knee, precisely the length to cover the thighs.

Under Zhou’s black suit, it was a solid color with denim shorts and a pair of platform shoes. She instantly transformed the sober black suit into a sweet aging style.

Short suit + pants can be said to show the magic weapon ~

Many outfits can follow the short + long principle to enhance our waistline and make our legs look longer.

I hope this blog can give you some inspiration. It is Spring; the pandemic is almost past too. It is time to put on some new clothes and enjoy the outdoors!

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