7 Steps to tackling the home renovation with small budget

We feature an orginal post by our guest contributor, Ania Trica from Trica Design Studio. Here is June 2017 post.

Last year my husband and I bought and undertook the renovation of a VERY old Toronto home.  Even though I have a design and construction background we couldn’t anticipate just how much work we would have to put into this renovation.  Even though the house looked nice… everything needed to be replaced, by everything I mean: new plumbing inside and outside of the house, waterproofing the basement, lowering the basement, new electrical in the entire home (the old electrical was knob and tube), new drywall (all the walls were plaster and lath), new floors, new insulation and new kitchens and bathrooms, EVERYWHERE!

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To splurge or to save – what I invest in and what I cheap out on

We all have moments when we fall in love with a totally rad garment…until we see the price tag. Yes, I’m talking about those times when we question if $60 for this top is worth it. It’s about investment pieces nowadays. Meanwhile, our inner hoarders will try to convince us that everything is worth investing in. Over the years (and tons of trial and error), I’ve come to make peace with my inner clothing goblin. Here is my wardrobe spending guide- aka. when to splurge and when to save

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GLAM kitchen without the sparkles – Kitchen Countertops – the natural stone trend

The post is written by our very own interior design contributor, Ania Trica.  Here are the expert opinions on all things kitchen countertops.


Why hello there! my name is Ania Trica, I’m an interior designer, Trica Design Studio  based in Toronto.   I’m a new contributor to Onah’s fabulous blog.  I’ll be contributing to the interior design category, and I’m happy to share little design tid-bits, stories and advice.  Let me know if you have questions, comments, objections (hope not too many) on this blog, and I can respond to you.

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Started From The Bottom, Now We’re Here

These days, the idea of graduation is looming over my head- will I go back to school? Will I do another internship? Am I ready for a real job? Should I take a graduation trip? Gathering from June’s first year in the real world, it doesn’t sound scary, in fact, it sounds informative and exciting. But am I ready to reflect on life lessons I’ve learnt in architecture school? Are my days of an intern numbered?

So I’m not ready to reflect on life lessons from architecture but it is my last co-op work term and here 5 things I’ve learn from each of my experiences.

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My First Year in the Real World (Note: not scary)

2016 has been an incredible year, and I hope it has for you readers too! For me, I graduated (more like survived) from an architecture school (thank god!) and started working as an architectural designer — the very first step of a long journey ahead. What has it been like so far as an architectural designer?

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Home Staging 101: exclusive insights from Julie O, Lux Furniture Rentals

I am old-school when it comes to creating relationships…I believe in face to face meetings, making/receiving first impressions, possibly even hand shakes to decide whether I want to do business with the person or not.  I know there will be many people who are rolling their eyes being in the age of just “googling” everything.

So, imagine my horror when I realized that I did not have a single person in my over 1000 contacts in my iPhone to help one of my clients on their home staging work- I had to get serious, google it.

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Interior Designer Turned Quirky Jewellery Crafter – Ania Trica

Thinking of famous polymaths, I always wondered how someone could know and do so much with what they’ve learnt. I have been repetitively told that the design education is diverse and could teach you skills that will help you in the creative industry. I definitely don’t doubt it- I’ve been countlessly surprised to how many have designers have diverged from their original education.  I’ve met a fashion-turned interior designer, architectural devotee to an avid game developer, and lately, an interior designer turned eccentric jewellery guru.

Meet Toronto based interior designer/jewellery maker, Ania Trica who owns this Etsy shop online called gum jewellery.

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