An emotional person’s guide to moving past sadness

So I guess my “emotional person’s guide” is a series now. Perhaps you’re emotional like me (do you cry no matter how many times you’ve seen Big Hero 6? Is your art heavily influenced by your emotional state? Do animal rescue videos make you uncontrollably tearful from happiness?) Or maybe you don’t experience extreme emotional highs and lows. No matter who you are, I hope this series will become something you can relate to and look forward to reading!

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Relationship things I learned the hard way

Lately, relationship talk has been floating around in my circles. Despite being open about mental health and things I’ve learned in life, I’ve never talked about relationships before.

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An emotional person’s guide to letting go of regret

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the flow of events shape a person’s life. Every choice we make now impacts the sort of choices we’ll have to make in the future. There are infinite realities and infinite ways things could have happened- and that’s a big cause of regret. Because we never know if a choice we’ve made was truly the best one.

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Outfit inspo for first dates – love (and pollen) is in the air

I am writing from my couch today with a sore throat and just feeling blah overall ): So bear with me if anything I say in this post sounds loopy. First and foremost, what I’d wear to a date really depends on where we’re going. There are two types of settings: casual ones where you can throw something on, and more upscale ones where you have to put more effort into.

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Subtle ways to look glam in cold weather

What has been up with the weather in Toronto? Hopefully temperatures will only go up from here- I’m so ready to bid goodbye to winter. A friend and I recently did a photoshoot out in the snow. I’d pose for a few minutes in a cropped sweater and jeans, and then I’d put my coat back on to warm up, and then we’d shoot without it for another few minutes. Having to wear a winter parka really puts a massive damper on fashion, and it got me thinking of little ways to not feel like a blob.

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Winter activities – in other words, getting myself resocialized

After getting out of retail hell (I was working 6 days a week last holiday), I was hit with an unprecedented amount of free time. It was a shock to go from having no life to only working one day a week. Is it possible to have so much free time that you still feel like you have no life? Anyways, it’s given me a chance to really think about what I want to accomplish in 2018 and catch up with friends I haven’t seen in forever. Here’s a glimpse of my activities lately. Continue reading “Winter activities – in other words, getting myself resocialized”

“You’re not like most girls” – okay, but what does that mean?

This isn’t my usual post, but it’s something that’s been on my mind and I want to share. If you listen to any mainstream radio channel or spotify, there’s no doubt you’ve heard Hailee Steinfeld’s Most Girls. Now raise your hand if you have gotten told “you’re not like most girls”. It doesn’t have to come from a guy, it could be anyone. Maybe a new friend or a relative. It’s easy to dismiss the comment or take it as a compliment, but the more I thought about it, the more problematic it got.

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I dare you! A fashion dare to push your limits

I try to live by the phrase “uncomfortably comfortable.” It’s a paradox in itself, but hear me out. You know that apprehension you get when you’re about to do something different? Nobody’s forcing you to do it, but you’re doing it anyways even if it scares you a little. It could be volunteering to give a speech, starting a new collaboration with someone you just met, travelling on your own for the first time, or taking leadership for something. Sometimes, being uncomfortably comfortable is what we need to learn new things and grow.

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Should I stop buying cheap clothes??

This seriously goes against everything I’ve written about looking fashionable while cheaping out. I believe my definition of “cheap” is quite skewed. I consider a top cheap if it’s under $15. I consider a pair of jeans cheap if it’s under $30. I don’t own a single pair of shoes I paid over $40 for. Meanwhile, for you, it might be entirely reasonable to spend more. Maybe I never grew out of my frugal-immigrant-living-in-a-rat-infested-basement mentality. (Yes, my family did have a rat problem back in the second basement we lived in). Just yesterday, I had a wake up call that it’s time to change my habits.

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Oh hey, I guess I’m an entrepreneur now!

Entrepreneurship is such a broad term. It seems like when people think “entrepreneurship”, they think of business meetings, networking with hotshots, bottom lines, endless grit ect. All that plays a role in entrepreneurship, but I feel that the core of it is very simple. Continue reading “Oh hey, I guess I’m an entrepreneur now!”