Outfit Challenge – Styling 3 Underloved Garments

It looks like summer is here to stay in Toronto at last! Goodbye three seasons in one day and hello warm weather clothes. Judging by the looks of my wardrobe, it’s quite a tornado’s hit. But it has a system to it! All the cold weather clothes are shoved up on the shelf, blouses are hung on the left, and dresses hung on the right. Oh, and there are sections in the back where I exile clothes I don’t wear often but don’t have the heart to get rid of.  We all have those clothes we buy thinking “omg this is totally fetch“….and a week later, we realize fetch isn’t gonna happen. (At least you tried, Gretch) Anyways, I decided to flex my styling muscles and show these forgotten garments some love!  Continue reading →

Fashioned ARCHITECTURE vs architectured FASHION

If we looked at a city the same way we looked into a closet, we would find that both have seemingly endless different styles, materials, colours and patterns. 

Both architecture and fashion are built upon the principals of design being materialized into something essential and a part of daily life. We wake up, get dressed and leave the house and embark for the day. It is without a doubt that architecture and fashion, hand in hand, has symbolically grown together to shape the world we know today.

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