How to improve Art Gallery space


Visiting the art gallery space reminds me the time I was a student at the architecture school years ago: big white walls with paintings, people mulling over each works, making comments about the works. Although this blog is about “life outside of the office,” it is not easy to see and experience outside of office life without having my “architect glasses” on.

Attending the recent art gallery exhibit was a good example of seeing things with my “architect glasses.” After getting introduced to the art pieces in the main gallery, I saw a narrow staircase in the center of the opposite wall. Although, it was a small stair, but it was located in the center of the wall, it was difficult to ignore it. I assumed the stair was to get to a non-art exhibit space: storage, utility closet, bathrooms, etc. Since I assumed the area above the stair to be a utility space, I did not bother to walk up which other visitors seem to assume as well.  

When the gallery owner had asked me if I saw the other exhibit in the other space above the stair,  that was when I realized I had missed the whole entire exhibit at the same gallery!!!  The space above the staircase was much more inviting space then the lower one:  some small windows to let the light in, clean white wall surface with paintings without any other distractions. While I was sitting down in front of one particular painting on the upper side of gallery, it occurred to me that the way to improve this gallery exhibit is to come up with a way to resolve the interruption between the lower gallery space and the upper one. That’s it! Fix the ONE WALL which is going to open up the whole gallery space.

People often make assumptions that renovation works to be time-consuming and expensive;  however, at this gallery space, I only see one major problem that can be easily updated with coming up with a creative way to resolve the wall/stair between two gallery spaces.

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