In November 2016, I made a life changing decision to move back to Toronto from New York City after being away for over ten years.  It was accomplished(?) over one dinner with group of friends who were contemplating the same question (moving back “home”), while all of us were leading crazy busy life in the city that welcomes insomniacs.

The moment I blurted out “It is time to go home”, the idea of leaving over ten years of NYC life became real and surprisingly easy with a few to do list items: a few phone calls, talk with the boss, FedEx boxes, and more FedEx boxes.

In those days, I was busy with only one to do item in my agenda:  WORK.   As an architect, working long hours is not new; rather it is a long tradition that goes back to architecture school days.  Of course, the “tradition” continued into my professional life, and I made the decision to have life outside of office:  I was in desperate need of clean break from crazy work hours.

Fast forward to today, life has taken roller coaster ride that includes: moving from NYC to Toronto, being the boss of an architecture firm, Studio Jonah, completing the very first international architecture project, and having all the challenges that come to a person seeking varied interest.

In the midst of living “another” busy life here in Toronto, I am remind of the decision to move back home to start the LIFE OUTSIDE OF OFFICE.

onahjung.com connects readers with varied interest and ideas that makes  DESIGN approachable, accessible, and directly sharable.

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