Interior Designer Turned Quirky Jewellery Crafter – Ania Trica

Thinking of famous polymaths, I always wondered how someone could know and do so much with what they’ve learnt. I have been repetitively told that the design education is diverse and could teach you skills that will help you in the creative industry. I definitely don’t doubt it- I’ve been countlessly surprised to how many have designers have diverged from their original education.  I’ve met a fashion-turned interior designer, architectural devotee to an avid game developer, and lately, an interior designer turned eccentric jewellery guru.

Meet Toronto based interior designer/jewellery maker, Ania Trica who owns this Etsy shop online called gum jewellery.

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The Psychology Of A Designers’ Workspace

Hello readers! My name is Crystal Yung and I am a new contributor to the OnahJung blog and marketing assistant for Studio Jonah. I am an architecture student studying at the University of Waterloo. The feature image (at the top) is our first year studio. (Photograph is taken by my classmate, Lisa Huang).

I graduate next year so I’ve been exploring the design industry. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to gather experience in varying work spaces through my co-op education.

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A Safe Street? With A View?

My father recently gotten into an accident and I have been visiting him at Sunnybrook Hospital. In order to get there I walk on Bayview Avenue. The street intersects with a lush forested ravine, Sunnydene Park. On my one side, its vibrant foliage and a crisp stream; on my other side (just half a meter away!) is a busy and loud two-way traffic road.

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How to be a designer X 3?

It is always exciting to meet designers….any designers!

I find ALL designers understand and think alike, or at the very least appreciate the design process one goes through… even if they come from different design industries: fashion, graphic, interior, etc.  With this understanding, one can imagine how I felt getting introduced to a designer with THREE different areas of design all rolled into ONE:  Rachel from Sincerelyimage.com

She is the creative force behind her design studio with three similar but distinctive design services: stylist, photography, graphic design.  It is time to ask the  designer how she creates all these beautiful images.

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01_WOODBINE-room one

Can you think like a developer?

It was a question posed by a client who bought a rental property, and wanted to completely upgrade the building, and planned to sell the property for a profit while  I was in the midst of  describing how we can add value to the building through new designs.

At the moment, I had to stop wearing the  “architect’s hat”, but trying a new one: developer’s/ investor’s/ client’s.   Continue reading →


How to wear head to toe design?


I have been pretty lucky with random networking meetings recently…It is not usually expected to meet a person at random events, and make connections. However,  for some reasons (maybe it has to do with the temperature finally rising above minuses, and me going out for more networking events :)), I met many designers from various industries; fashion, interior design, and then most recently the jewelry design. It’s always fascinating to learn about how they work, where their inspirations come from, as well as about  the designers themselves. In addition, using their design skills to build their businesses is an intriguing story, I never get tired of hearing about.  As a designer /entrepreneur myself,  the final point about  “building their business”, I am incessantly curious how they are bringing these two roles to their work and life.

Jewelry Designer, Laurie Fleming  is such a person who is building her business using her design skills.  Please check out her beautiful website for all her creations and make sure to pick up a few pieces!  And also to ask her all the questions you have about all things’ jewelry design!

As you already know, I’m always curious about how all of us designers work and where their ideas come from, whether it is creating a beautiful jewelry piece, or trying to make sense of organizing the building floor plans in my case.   

Check out her views on her work, design, life, etc. in her own words.

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