Year In Review for Design of 2016 – Fashion, Architecture, and Graphics!

Just like last year it’s nice to reflect on what was trendy for the design industry throughout the year. This not only allows us a moment to reminisce and maybe remember to bring with us the design trends to the new year! Instead of looking at specifically architectural motifs this year, lets broaden the horizon to include some fashion, and graphic design trends as well.

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Creation is a Patient Search

p.87_079_FLC_1791.jpgImage Source: Archdaily

The title of a book written by Le Corbusier in 1960’s is my motto this year: creation is a patient search. Often, as designers, we seek for the sources of inspiration in order to create and bring design to life, whether that’s a product, sculpture, building, or simply a painting. It would be magical to create a masterpiece in a snap, but after all, it’s about 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration.

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Hello 2017 – Starting Excited, Organized and Ready!


Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of a fresh start and I know I am excited to get off on the right foot. With new resolutions and aspirations, I set strategies that can help me get through the year with minimal roadblocks. I am graduating this year and I can’t say just how scared excited I am to be in the real world very soon….

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3 Ways The Holidays Illuminate A City

December may be the prettiest month of the year- the lights, the costumes, the atmosphere, and the shops! While I understand not everyone celebrates the same holidays, I think we can all agree that the aesthetics of December warms up the chill!

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5 Gifts For A Designer

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re anything like me, you hate the cold and would do anything to avoid leaving the house. Especially if that means running from store to store, hunting for the perfect gift for that one friend who is especially picky in the receiving end of gift-giving.  Have no fear, online shopping is here! There is no doubt that if you have a friend or a relative in the creative industry, you already know what you gift must be up-to-par; they have a keen eye for useful well-designed knick-knacks? I know just the thing.

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My First Year in the Real World (Note: not scary)

2016 has been an incredible year, and I hope it has for you readers too! For me, I graduated (more like survived) from an architecture school (thank god!) and started working as an architectural designer — the very first step of a long journey ahead. What has it been like so far as an architectural designer?

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The Definitions of Detail

I often like to describe myself as a detail-oriented person, which means having a keen eye and paying attention to minor details that may be easily overlooked (but I admit, no one’s perfect and I make mistakes too!). As an architectural designer, this is an essential and required skill, but sometimes I like to interpret this definition of details from different perspectives.

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