The Definitions of Detail

I often like to describe myself as a detail-oriented person, which means having a keen eye and paying attention to minor details that may be easily overlooked (but I admit, no one’s perfect and I make mistakes too!). As an architectural designer, this is an essential and required skill, but sometimes I like to interpret this definition of details from different perspectives.

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Everyday Fashion of Roma, Italia!

Italy is one of the leading countries that strive in fashion, with Milan being one of the top 4 cities of fashion. Rome is occasionally listed in the top 5! So, aside the fact that I am an architecture student, design being integral to my everyday life, I do enjoy keeping up with fashion trends! Here’s a few outfits my friends and I have been wearing to blend into Italian crowd.

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3 Things I Learned in a Day in Rome

“I am still learning.”

Michelangelo, an Italian polymath, who painted the famous “Creation Of Adam”  had said this at age 87. It is without a doubt that all of us learn something new every day, whether we notice it or not is a different story.

I am determined to exemplify this within my daily life and I invite all of you to do the same! Here is my day and my lessons…

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Is proportion and symmetry still relevant in Modern Architecture?

It all sparked from a random, daily thought. I’ve recently been slacking off in terms of workout ever since summer has left our side. I know, just a bunch of excuses, and I’m really “out of shape”. Then a sudden thought came to me: is proportion and symmetry still relevant these days? A perfect geometry, golden ratio and all?

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How I Lived In Sweden vs. How I live In Rome

Travel the world. If that was the one advice I could give to anyone, it would be to emphasize how helpful traveling is to developing one’s own personality and independence. I’m no stranger to how hard it is to travel when you’re a broke student but nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade in my experiences for any amount of money! That being said, I have had the benefit of living in Lund, Sweden and now my into my second month in Rome, Italy– have I grown up from these experiences, a year apart?

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Chatsworth House MYC

Light It Up 💡


While at work, I realised I became ‘exceptionally’ accustomed to multitasking: using two screens, running multiple software, writing emails, having a quick sip of coffee, and of course, planning what to do after work. Our modern lifestyle requires an acquired skill of multitasking, and I believe so should our daily objects (not just smartphones!).
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Guide To Purposeful Wandering

There are days when I am stuck in my school studio, listening to my professor drone on about Roman history with the noises of Piazza di Santa Maria (where my studio faces) in the background. I often hear children laughing, sometimes a man singing opera, and other times an accordion player. I mean, I am in Rome! But alas, school is school. So sometimes even when I know I have things to do, I take a long walk- I don’t have a plan but at least it’s outside. Is this procrastination? Maybe… But can it be valuable? Yes!

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