Tis the season to Read

Temperature is slowly dropping and leaves are changing colours. Yes, it is now officially fall, the season of reading. Of course, season is irrelevant if you are a regular reader unlike myself, a picky reader. In the era of digitisation, we are often constantly exposed to information without holding a book (e.g. by social media and blogs), so let’s keep our creative juices flowing here.

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Talking Minimal

Design is a key factor that orients how our daily life functions and constantly influences us. As designers, we consider elements such as forms, materials, colours, decorations and more, just to make our life more interesting and efficient, and blah-blah-blah. Sometimes, talking minimal is just enough.

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“La Dolce Vita” – Student Version

It has officially been 2 weeks since I’ve arrived to Rome- to read more about my adventure in arriving visit Studio Jonah! Being in Rome, as a student (this is part of my program), I’m not going to be modest, is probably the best semester of my degree so far. Each morning I get to walk down the winding paths of Rome’s unstructured city fabric, smell the freshly brewed coffees and pastries, and awe in the everlasting ruins of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. There are some drawbacks… I’m a student, which is basically a synonym for a broke individual destined to live a frugal lifestyle. So how can the famous “La Dolce Vita” (The Sweet Life) apply to me?

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The Art Of Social Gatherings

Previously on “The Art Of People Watching“, we identified that, one, we all do it, and two, we learn from it. Continuing from that topic, I want to explore how design frames the context for social groups in public spaces. So let’s dive into it- what have we learned from observing design and its influence on assembling people?

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Grab Your Popcorn

TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) is just around the corner! Now, I’m not a fan of Marvel movies that ruthlessly destroy great architecture and cities almost every time. Architecture is a great mood-setting medium in movies, and when considered attentively, architecture is all it needs. I’d like to share three movies with spectacular architecture. Forget about the Fountainhead and Metropolis for now. *NO SPOILER*

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Fashioned ARCHITECTURE vs architectured FASHION

If we looked at a city the same way we looked into a closet, we would find that both have seemingly endless different styles, materials, colours and patterns. 

Both architecture and fashion are built upon the principals of design being materialized into something essential and a part of daily life. We wake up, get dressed and leave the house and embark for the day. It is without a doubt that architecture and fashion, hand in hand, has symbolically grown together to shape the world we know today.

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