Fashioned ARCHITECTURE vs architectured FASHION

If we looked at a city the same way we looked into a closet, we would find that both have seemingly endless different styles, materials, colours and patterns. 

Both architecture and fashion are built upon the principals of design being materialized into something essential and a part of daily life. We wake up, get dressed and leave the house and embark for the day. It is without a doubt that architecture and fashion, hand in hand, has symbolically grown together to shape the world we know today.

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ice creams

Scoop and Chill

As a coffee lover, I’ve explored several cafes in Toronto, not necessarily for the better tasted coffee but for interior design (My favourite is the Odin Café). However, as an ice cream enthusiast too I wondered, why not ice cream stores? I enjoy ice creams throughout all seasons, but since heat wave’s been hitting Toronto lately, I had more reasons to flee myself to ice cream parlours. Is this blog about ice creams you ask? You will find out.

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Image © Mike Riscica via  Young Architect

The Day In The Life Of An Architecture Intern

This year marks my fourth required internship- I have been working at high-end luxurious interior design focused firm. The hours are tedious. Most of you will argue, “you should have seen this coming being in the design field!” But when I say tedious, I mean pain strikingly 18 hour work days. Maybe it’s just me and some of you will scoff and argue, “that’s nothing; you still got 6 hours to sleep!”

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Life lessons I learned from Architecture School


Design studio makes your life miserable sometimes | Personal photo | 2013

I want to introduce another contributor to my readers.  Her name is June Hwang and she is a recent graduate from University of Toronto Architecture School.  She had already written a great piece, Can Architecture become more approachable to bigger public?  on the Studio Jonah company website.  Over the dinner conversation, I casually asked what her architecture school experience has been for her, and her responses surprised me (seasoned architect, aka old person). It was not the usual “sleepless all nighters”, “designing portfolio for her jobs”, or what the” latest technical softwares/apps” I should know, rather her philosophical take on  the life lessons she received from the architecture education. Here are her TOP 3 lessons she shared with me.  I was blown away by her thoughtful and wise outlook on life.  Here is her story.

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Being A Tourist In My Own City – Doors Open Toronto

Recently I’ve realized I take my city for granted because I forget that people from all over the world actually come and see these places I past every day. It takes a special event to rekindle the local tourist in me. This year it was a Toronto event called “Doors Open”. It offers free and rare access to many significant buildings across the city.  If you missed it this year- there’s always the next!

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