The Dos & Don’ts of Online Shopping – How to Find What You’re Looking for and Save Time & Money

Hey everyone! How many of you love to online shop? I’m definitely guilty.. whenever I find myself on my computer with nothing in particular to do, I somehow land up on my favourite brands’ websites browsing through new products. Why is that! It must be the fashion girl in me.. I can’t help myself!

Anyway – in an age where online shopping is gaining some serious popularity, it’s important to be smart about it. Here are some “dos and don’ts” tips that I’ve found to be helpful when navigating my online shopping addiction. 🙂

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Spring Highlight: Rei Kawabuko and the MET Gala

Aside from warmer weather, cute revamps of my room, new trends, and being able to eat popsicles in public without getting the odd eye (I eat popsicles in the winter too, don’t judge), the MET Gala is one of my favorite parts of Spring. Hosted by Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, every first Monday of May, the MET Gala is a vibrant celebration of costume and individuality. Quirkiness is everywhere, from Marc Jacobs daring anti-tuxedo outfit in 2012 to Taylor Swift’s badass Manus x Machina look last year. This year’s theme pays homage to Rei Kawabuko and her avant-garde brand, Comme des Garcons. This choice is an absolute breakthrough in so many ways.  Continue reading →

Manchester – Differences from Toronto in Fashion & Lifestyle

I had the liberty of studying abroad in Manchester, England with my best friend (who is still thankfully my best friend after living together). Observing, not in a creepy way of course, Manchester’s street style and how people lived was a huge part of my experience. Fashion is not just about what people wear, but also how they live- how they shape themselves to interact with the world around them. It is interdisciplinary. The combination of all these differences is what makes Manchester seem like another universe.

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Can You Bee-Live It’s Spring? How to Spring Clean & Decorate

Despite the cloudy rainy weather of Spring, I can’t help but whistle along with chirping birds and the late sunsets. We definitely do have a lot to miss about Winter, but we know it’ll be back sooner than we expect! Spring cleaning is a long standing tradition. Did you know March is the best time for cleaning? Historically, it was because the weather was warm enough to open windows and doors, but not warm enough for insects to be an issue. Then, the wind would carry the dust out of the home. It’s absolutely one of my most favourite traditions, not only because I get to clean out everything but also because it means I get to decorate! 

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The Essential Library Of An Architecture Student

Gone are the days where picture books were fun. These days, being preoccupied with picture books make me cringe more than a book filled with non-stop text. Why? Studying architecture means learning visually is imperative, but sometimes lines on top of lines assembled to create a window section detail leaves me stunned and overwhelmed- a 0.05 dashed line to resemble a vapour barrier? Bring me back the essays!

It’s also no surprise to hear university students complain about their books they buy with the money they don’t have and the time they don’t use to read said books (pretty much paperweights at this point). It’s hard to quantify textbooks’ worth, when, as a student, it may not always be a priority. In the end, what do we learn from these books that we don’t learn in class or at work, or from others?

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“I’ll miss winter” said no one ever, until today

Did someone just say Spring? That’s right — you can already feel that Spring is just around the corner: warmer air, longer days, less puffy jackets and winter boots! (Remind you though, Toronto just experienced a dramatic temperature drop from 12 to -6C!) I must admit, I feel more motivated, active and brighter as the weather gets warmer, but there are certainly things that we can appreciate more only in winter!

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The Birds And The Bees (No, Not That!) And The Design Of The Natural Landscape

Spring (dramatic pause) is almost here. There’s even a spring in my step as the temperatures rise this week. Even though the official first day of spring isn’t until a month from now, the sun has definitely started coming up early and setting late. People seem just a tad more cheerful, and outdoor events seem a lot more popular. Some things are better done in bright sunlight, pretty flowers, and great company, right?

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