7 Steps to tackling the home renovation with small budget

We feature an orginal post by our guest contributor, Ania Trica from Trica Design Studio. Here is June 2017 post.

Last year my husband and I bought and undertook the renovation of a VERY old Toronto home.  Even though I have a design and construction background we couldn’t anticipate just how much work we would have to put into this renovation.  Even though the house looked nice… everything needed to be replaced, by everything I mean: new plumbing inside and outside of the house, waterproofing the basement, lowering the basement, new electrical in the entire home (the old electrical was knob and tube), new drywall (all the walls were plaster and lath), new floors, new insulation and new kitchens and bathrooms, EVERYWHERE!

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The Ins and Outs of Athleisure – How to Wear Athleisure in your Everyday Life

Hey guys! I’m excited to talk about one of my favourite trends today… athleisure! Seriously though.. how can you not love wearing comfy clothes outside of the gym or your home and still looking totally chic?!

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Manchester – Differences from Toronto in Fashion & Lifestyle

I had the liberty of studying abroad in Manchester, England with my best friend (who is still thankfully my best friend after living together). Observing, not in a creepy way of course, Manchester’s street style and how people lived was a huge part of my experience. Fashion is not just about what people wear, but also how they live- how they shape themselves to interact with the world around them. It is interdisciplinary. The combination of all these differences is what makes Manchester seem like another universe.

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“I’ll miss winter” said no one ever, until today

Did someone just say Spring? That’s right — you can already feel that Spring is just around the corner: warmer air, longer days, less puffy jackets and winter boots! (Remind you though, Toronto just experienced a dramatic temperature drop from 12 to -6C!) I must admit, I feel more motivated, active and brighter as the weather gets warmer, but there are certainly things that we can appreciate more only in winter!

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Is it necessary to understand?

Sometimes, we don’t need to ask why / Seattle 2014

If someone like me, who is an architectural designer who once aspired to become a photographer, you may have guessed that I’m OBSESSED (that’s right, bold and capital letters!) with details and also very realistic. I’m often prepared, organised and consistent, but at the same time, I can be easily stressed over things that I cannot always control. However, something has previously taught me that I don’t always have to understand everything, but simply accept how certain things are.


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For You, To Be More Daring

It’s still January, and for those of us who are keeping with their resolutions- congratulations! This is the best part of a new year, where you can still feel ambitious about all the things you wanted to do, to go, to eat and see! For me, every time I seem to have time to do the things I’ve been meaning to do, something else comes up. I’m sure everyone else must feel this way too but it’s no excuse to forget! Every year is a chance to better ourselves whether it’s to encourage ourselves to try or learn something new. For 2017, this year’s theme will be to be more daring.
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Creation is a Patient Search

p.87_079_FLC_1791.jpgImage Source: Archdaily

The title of a book written by Le Corbusier in 1960’s is my motto this year: creation is a patient search. Often, as designers, we seek for the sources of inspiration in order to create and bring design to life, whether that’s a product, sculpture, building, or simply a painting. It would be magical to create a masterpiece in a snap, but after all, it’s about 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration.

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The Definitions of Detail

I often like to describe myself as a detail-oriented person, which means having a keen eye and paying attention to minor details that may be easily overlooked (but I admit, no one’s perfect and I make mistakes too!). As an architectural designer, this is an essential and required skill, but sometimes I like to interpret this definition of details from different perspectives.

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Grab Your Popcorn

TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) is just around the corner! Now, I’m not a fan of Marvel movies that ruthlessly destroy great architecture and cities almost every time. Architecture is a great mood-setting medium in movies, and when considered attentively, architecture is all it needs. I’d like to share three movies with spectacular architecture. Forget about the Fountainhead and Metropolis for now. *NO SPOILER*

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Scoop and Chill

As a coffee lover, I’ve explored several cafes in Toronto, not necessarily for the better tasted coffee but for interior design (My favourite is the Odin Café). However, as an ice cream enthusiast too I wondered, why not ice cream stores? I enjoy ice creams throughout all seasons, but since heat wave’s been hitting Toronto lately, I had more reasons to flee myself to ice cream parlours. Is this blog about ice creams you ask? You will find out.

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