What do you do on your day off?

blog June 023

Well…it is difficult to remember the last time when I actually had a day off, especially most recent months with a crazy work schedule.   With working on a couple of projects and running  an  architecture  firm, I had to think about my “day off” activities.   Instead of being able to come up with my “day off” activities, I realize I do have my favorite “moment off” times I enjoy, especially in the midst of trying to cross off some of the difficult/time to consuming to-do lists in a typical workday.  

Glamour magazine:  to be more precise, Glamour magazine with coffee!  It is one of my oldest habits dating back to my university years, which continued into professional life in New York City years ago, and now in  the life of a business person.    I do receive many magazines in a month, mostly from architecture and construction industry magazines.  However, whenever I need to unwind from crazy work days, I unfailingly pick up a copy of Glamour magazine.  Flipping through each page with coffee on one hand has been truly my “moment off”; reading about the latest fashion news and travel stories  consistently take me away from the pressure of work days, and somehow my to-do lists do not seem that daunting after the reading.


These days, instead of flipping the pages, I click on each page of glamour.com to get the same feeling of relaxation I experience in the past.  To truly have time off from hectic work schedules, I go to my THE source to unwind:  besides the “necessary” fashion news from the magazine, I recently read an article about  women entrepreneurs in various industries who are making a difference in their own field, and also accomplishing their  business goals along the way.    With the latest information on getting tips on business/ entrepreneurship from the glamour magazine makes one of my favorite time off activities to become essential business strategy session!  The next time I am asked of “what do you do on your day off” question; I will need to come up with a different answer…..

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