The Incredible Power of Words


It is always fascinating to meet a person and learn about his/her business. The knowledge I discover from their “behind the story” on how they started their business, and how they are working at building those businesses are inspiring.  Recently I met such a person who is in the middle of that exciting journey….she gave me the wisdom on the importance of marketing:  POWER OF WORDS.

Please meet Cathleen Fillmore, President of Speakers Gold bureau ( who is a leader and well-respected expert in the speaking and meeting planning industry.  She founded and is past president of the Atlantic branch of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers.  She also has been an essential mentor in her role marketing consultant to hundreds of speakers – ranging from beginners to Hall of Fame speakers – showing them how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and dramatically increase their income.


The Incredible Power of Words    Words can start wars.  Or end them.  They can attract clients, repel them or leave them indifferent.

Some words inspire, others deflate.  Energetic, enthusiastic, lively are uplifting.  Demoralized, ineffective, dumb just suck your energy.

Are your clients drawn in by the words in your material?  Initial interest is created by simple words or a metaphor.  If you miss this part, you could easily lose a sale and never know why.

Avoid using clichés or words that are corrupted by overuse – one example is the word ‘success’.  It’s become almost meaningless due to overuse.  Avoid words that are pure hype because they’re not believable.

At the same time, you won’t draw in your prospects by using words that are explanatory or appeal to the intellect.

So think about what you’re sending out to prospects – does it appeal to you?  Do you want to find out more?  Then you’re on the right track!








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