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While at work, I realised¬†I became¬†‘exceptionally’¬†accustomed to multitasking: using two screens, running multiple software, writing emails, having a quick sip of coffee, and of course, planning¬†what to do after work. Our modern lifestyle requires an acquired skill of multitasking, and I believe so should our daily objects (not just smartphones!).

As¬†one of the fundamental elements of architecture, the interaction of light with different objects determines¬†the sensation and atmosphere around us. Often, we tend to categorise objects by their functions, but can you categories the followings I’m about to share? I‚Äôd like to share three incredible¬†works of lighting design that accomplish¬†way beyond ‚Äėlighting‚Äô.


1) Lamp Mygdal / Light + Plant


We all love to embrace and feel the nature every now and then, and we do so by placing plants here and there in our living space. But you don’t have enough space for everything? The Lamp Mygdal by Nui-Studio offers a new opportunity for interior and luminaire design. The terrarium integrated with lighting becomes a living lamp with its own self-sustaining ecosystem. A small piece of greenery within a lamp creates a full-of-life, warm and soothing ambience, whether in personal or public space.


2) Synthesis Bench / Light + Seating

Chatsworth House MYCImage Source: Tom Price

The Synthesis Bench, as a part of Waste Not Want It: The Art of Recycling project by Bloomberg, redefines the furniture intended for seating. Tom Price‘s entire Synthesis series is the product of a chemical reaction between resin and tar, added with residual ink powder. The¬†bench not only performs beyond its function, as an illuminated¬†seating, but also becomes a sculptural piece of art¬†itself.


3) The Intersections / Light + Structure


One interesting fact about light is that even the lack or absence of light can become an interactive design, and the Intersections by Anila Quayyum Agah is one example. A carved wooden box with a light source at the centre projects a patterned shadow onto the surrounding faces of the room. The project not only contrasts the light and shadow, but also emphasises the interaction of light with a solid material to react further with walls, ceiling and floor.

The capability and possibility of light is simply limitless. It is a source of inspiration and ‘guiding light’ of our daily life and design. If this blog inspires you to explore¬†the infinite horizon of lighting’s potential¬†and its impact on space, take 5 minutes to read my blog about Intangible Space on Studio Jonah! Also, feel free to share your own favourite lighting design or idea below ūüí°


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  1. Multitasking… Concept I understand very well! These Products not only execute multiple functions, they look great in any space. I will think a
    Of ways to add these ones for the next interior design project. Thank you for the suggestions!


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