How architects life will be different after the COVID-19 crisis

Many many many years ago, before any one of us knew the words like COVID19, social distancing… I saw a glimpse of how life can be for architects. To be more precise, how meetings can be… Let me explain.

The year was 2007. It was at the time I was working at a big corporate architecture office grinding away The life of Junior ARCHITECT.

It was at the time of endless meetings, both at our office, engineers’ office, client’s office, and also at the project site ( aka job site). Not only all of us working on the project got tired of attending these meetings but we also questioned whether these meetings were even necessary.

The joke Among my colleagues by the water cooler was asking each other how many meetings they had per week.that was the life of architects…

And then one day, I saw something I would never forget.

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