Why the Blog? (PART 3)

my sketch book

PART 3: To create:

To complete an architecture project from the beginning to the end, there are many different stages that go into the whole process: design, collaboration (many different consultants such as engineers), and construction.  These stages can be interrupted with numerous changes and updates that need be constantly resolved throughout the project.  As a result, the final built project may not look like how it started with an initial sketch, but something that looks entirely different.  Despite the visual difference, the process of getting to the successful built project comes from one coherent idea that stays on throughout the project.  

I suspect creating a blog involves a similar, if not the same process I deal with constantly at my work setting:  coming up with an idea for the project, sharing/analyzing the idea, and seeing the final outcome (in the case of this blog, getting feedback from people).

These are my TOP THREE lists for answering the why question to starting the blog.  What about your lists?

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