Why the blog? (PART 2)

PART 2:  To Improve:   I do not enjoy writing.  In fact, the word, “HATE” would be better to describe the exact feeling I have when I have to think about start writing for any tasks: project proposals, recommendation letters, emails!  Yes, even the short and concise business emails, therefore I use bullet points extensively to describe what needs to be said in my emails.  Of course, bullet points without explanations can be confusing and time consuming since these short emails have be explained further by additional emails back and forth or even the phone calls are needed.  

With this strong affinity towards using bullet points, it is surprising to select this blog platform, word press, rather than the visual platforms such as tumbler.  Being a visual person in a creative profession, I find working with images so much easier than the words. It is not clear how I became as a visual person- was it due to my profession? Or due to genuine interest in everything visual?  Whatever the reasons and rules happen to be, the need to improve the writing skills became urgent.

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