Last Day of Summer

It has been a busy summer….with many work deadlines, and overseeing the construction work of one particularly stressful project with aggressive work schedules.  It is unbelievable that I am facing the fall weather(aka mild(?) winter weather) in Toronto!  I did not even have a chance to record all the great summer events I had been to….wait, that did not happen!

However, my luck changed with the gift of two outdoor concert tickets. A couple of weeks ago, I received two free music concert tickets as a gift from the client (the one with the aggressive scheduled project) with beautiful thank you card with it.  It was such an unexpected and happy moment when I opened that envelope.  With that one card (tickets inside), all the stress and difficulties I faced over the summer somehow disappeared….maybe it has to do with the word, FREE ticket, or the realization of being appreciative of the work our office had provided to the client.  Whatever the cases were; it was a joyful moment.

After inviting my sister to the concert, I started thinking about the type of photos to take, and also how I was going to “create” the great summer of 2014 moments.    Although I knew the temperature was going to be 10’s (degrees), I wanted to wear summer outfits for the concert: especially the sunny yellow one at that!  Making sure to carry the fall/winter jacket / scarf whatever else I would need in 10’s degrees temperature, I made sure to look “sunny” underneath the layers of stuff.

Looking at the photos right now, it is difficult to imagine the chilly weather we had on that day…all I can see is that there is a very happy/sunny/summerly person looking back at me and hollering the “great summer of 2014”.

2013-08-27 0952013-08-27 0872013-08-27 092






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