Weekend Purse

It was such a treat to not having to carry my regular work bag during the recent trip to NYC. Well…to be more accurate, it was only for the weekend…more precise only two days out of seven days trip in NYC. Having been the designated tour guide for mom/sister, I was carrying more than usual: work bag that can fit letter sized papers, maps, pens, notes, iPad (pretty much everything I carry around during my typical work days back in Toronto), and then PLUS the big camera bag!


After negotiating the bag carrying responsibilities for sometime, it was decided that I would lug all those items only on the weekdays. On the precious one weekend during the trip, it was decided that I can be as free as birds to carry my small red Balenciaga purse only! FREEDOM from a back aches as well as not looking like a bag lady! Being able to carry the items (wallet, small map of Manhattan) I absolutely needed was such a new and pleasant experience I will not forget.

How to carry less?

All of us (I mean us women) tend to carry way too much for possible “what if I need” situations. I personally tend to carry my reliable everyday/black/ rectangular shaped/fits everything bag without much thoughts. (since I may need something just in case!) Can you imagine what the men would say in case if we ask them to carry all those “what if” essentials? The answer would be resounding NO!

Having been exposed to carrying the weekend purse experience during the NYC trip would definitely launch the new habit; incorporate new-found experience into my everyday life back in Toronto. I can totally foresee my small Balenciaga red purse being the forever sustainable item in my closet!

IMG_1361 IMG_1365

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