Sustainable Outfit

What is your oldest clothing item in your closet?

Mine happens to be over 20 years!!!  It is the denim skirt I bought for myself in my high school years, and for some reason, I have a difficulty getting rid of it.  Each year, I decided to purge my closet and faced with this particular clothing item, I am paralyzed.  Typically, I can make decisions fairly quickly and decisively; however, when it comes to this ITEM, I am stuck!  While having a conversation in my head about why “I need to keep it for one more year, just in case” talk, I inevitably end up keeping it each year.  I suppose my need to “keep it for one more year” reasons could be varied:  sentimental value, style coming back, and also the ego boosting quality about the item, I CAN STILL FIT into the clothing item I wore in my high school years!  

A couple of weeks ago, before the Canadian winter happened, I was going through my annual “what to chuck” this year, and faced with the same decision of the ultimate clothing item in the closet.  Instead of my usual, “maybe I can keep it for one more year….Just in case,” I decided to take it out of the closet, and thought about  what to wear with the skirt to make age/career appropriate outfit.  Well….it It did not take much: dark sweater, dark tights, and one very important item: BELT!

Wearing this new-found outfit with tailored winter coat completely changed my perception of the gazillion old, high school clothing item, and gave me an idea to think about how to use an ancient item that can be reused  in new ways, rather than getting rid of them.  It is strange why I did not think about recycling component of clothing since I deal with sustainabilities issues all the time in my professional life: reuse/recycle construction materials. With this new economic and “green idea”  knowledge, I think I will hit my closet more often to shop rather than going to the mall, which brings  the vicious cycle of spending, paying, feeling bad….we have all been there before.

What is your oldest clothing item?  Why are you keeping them?



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