Hello 2015!

Already FIVE days into year 2015!

One of my goals for this year has been that I would have a blog entries to record my thoughts on significant day such as the first day of the year, and I already broke that promise….

Be happy and healthy

Of course with one broken promise, the downward spiral starts with ”I will start the New Year’s resolution tomorrow” talk with myself. However, this year I have a unique and easy set of goals to start each day: be happy and healthy. Well, at least one of the goals(happy part) should be doable. In the case of breaking the January 1st blog entry goal, instead of feeling despondent, I decided to focus on the “happiness” part of the goal; spending time with my family over the holidays with absolutely no work policy made me feel joyful. In addition, the healthy part of the goal “sort of” got accomplished with some workout sessions at the gym thrown in between the huge family dinners, I was more than happy. I dare to say that I was in bliss. In the past, my new year’s resolutions have been all about accomplishing one goal or another one…all about checking off items on the list. Even the goal of getting healthy, I had to check off certain measurements such as how many times I worked out in a week, reaching ideal weight(mostly losing) by designated dates, or even eliminating deserts entirely after the dinner. (completely failed on this one!)

Measuring happiness

Having a cliche goal such as happiness was not something I would have contemplated on even a few years ago…how would I even measure it? Who can decide how much of the happiness I need, and I can accomplish (?)! It has been a long journey reaching to this point, however I realize the importance of those “feel good” goals. In fact, it has been my experience that starting a day with cheerful attitude first thing in the morning developed the rest of the day right: with more energy to tackle the endless work tasks that await.

Enjoying the process

It is such a common feeling in January for all of us to do more, accomplish more : change the diet, change the workout, change the way we work….However, what I learn to realize is that it is not the changes that we should focus on, but enjoying the process getting to those changes.

What is your New Year’s resolutions views?

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