Hello 2017 – Starting Excited, Organized and Ready!


Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of a fresh start and I know I am excited to get off on the right foot. With new resolutions and aspirations, I set strategies that can help me get through the year with minimal roadblocks. I am graduating this year and I can’t say just how scared excited I am to be in the real world very soon….


I plan to be excited because I know I have a milestone this year that I can’t delay no matter how much I would like. Graduation. So mind as well plan events and trips around this cause for celebration in hopes to distil the fear. This is where a YEAR AT A GLANCE can be very motivational! Circle those birthdays! Cloud those holidays! Highlight those get-togethers! This year will be great! Maybe you got a sketchbook as a gift? Use it!





To-do lists are a tale as old as time. They feel satisfying whenever you get to make that big red check or strike-off. So why not bring fun into organization and productiveness? Make those “want to watch”, “want to go”, and “want to eat” lists. Check away, my friends!



getting READY

It can be easy to let busy times snowball you into a flurry, and hard to regain your balance afterwards, leaving you asking yourself (& probably everyone around you), “where did my time go?” So live in the present, make weekly tasks, monitor your monthly goals, but don’t neglect those daily logs! I can’t stress enough how much these help in really making sure your time goes unwasted!




This type of daily journal has been called, in contemporary social media, bulletjournals. It’s effective, fun, and almost decorative. But perhaps it derives from really just being a commonplace book. No time to waste! Let’s start the year off excited, organized, and ready!


Author: Crystal Yung

Hello! My name is Crystal Yung and I am an undergraduate student studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. Please feel free to check our my online portfolio of my works: https://issuu.com/crystalyung/docs/portfolio_2017

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  1. Graduation is definitely a scary (no, exciting) part of one’s life. The funny part of reaching mile stone dates is that it comes with both scary and excitement together. Enjoy your rest of the semester and keep the excitement going for your future.


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