Year Of Design In Review : Geometry, Fabrication and Colours, Oh My!

Four months into the New Year, I’d like to reflect on last year’s interior design trends. Like everything in the industry, design is like fashion, one moment it’s totally in, and the next it’s out-dated. So, here’s what I’ve noticed was ‘IN’ for the year 2015.


Squares, triangles, and basically all things geometric. This goes for wall patterns, tile assemblies, and mosaics. On the wall, on the floor, and on the ceilings even! It introduces the basic form of geometry as a simple ‘new’ & modern décor element. From intricate tessellations to simple transformations, geometry was definitely a defining design trait of 2015.

Photo Courtesy of K.I


With 2015 also being a year of technology, different kinds of fabrication stole one of the spotlights in the design industry. From 3D printing of home décor products, CNC’d millwork, to exquisite laser cut wall panels, technology was and will continue to be an interesting development for the design field.

Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Friedman & Partisans

Pastel Colours

Spring is around the colour and evidently the popular colours of 2015 were inspired by spring itself. Pastel colours helped decorate homes as solid bedroom paint colours, accent homey bathrooms, and soften the living room modernity. For a year full of twists and turns, pastel colours were definitely a surprisingly soft trend setter for 2015.

Photo Courtesy of M-S-D-S Studio

I have always believed that fashion makes a return. Despite sometimes wincing, “what was I thinking!” other times it’s, “wow! This has to come back!” So even though its 2016 already, I’ll be sure to keep these design trends in mind. Has anyone else notice any other design trends of 2015? Let me know!

Author: Crystal Yung

Hello! My name is Crystal Yung and I am an undergraduate student studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. Please feel free to check our my online portfolio of my works:

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