The Psychology Of A Designers’ Workspace

Hello readers! My name is Crystal Yung and I am a new contributor to the OnahJung blog and marketing assistant for Studio Jonah. I am an architecture student studying at the University of Waterloo. The feature image (at the top) is our first year studio. (Photograph is taken by my classmate, Lisa Huang).

I graduate next year so I’ve been exploring the design industry. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to gather experience in varying work spaces through my co-op education.

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Can You Bee-Live It’s Spring? How to Spring Clean & Decorate

Despite the cloudy rainy weather of Spring, I can’t help but whistle along with chirping birds and the late sunsets. We definitely do have a lot to miss about Winter, but we know it’ll be back sooner than we expect! Spring cleaning is a long standing tradition. Did you know March is the best time for cleaning? Historically, it was because the weather was warm enough to open windows and doors, but not warm enough for insects to be an issue. Then, the wind would carry the dust out of the home. It’s absolutely one of my most favourite traditions, not only because I get to clean out everything but also because it means I get to decorate! 

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The Essential Library Of An Architecture Student

Gone are the days where picture books were fun. These days, being preoccupied with picture books make me cringe more than a book filled with non-stop text. Why? Studying architecture means learning visually is imperative, but sometimes lines on top of lines assembled to create a window section detail leaves me stunned and overwhelmed- a 0.05 dashed line to resemble a vapour barrier? Bring me back the essays!

It’s also no surprise to hear university students complain about their books they buy with the money they don’t have and the time they don’t use to read said books (pretty much paperweights at this point). It’s hard to quantify textbooks’ worth, when, as a student, it may not always be a priority. In the end, what do we learn from these books that we don’t learn in class or at work, or from others?

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The Birds And The Bees (No, Not That!) And The Design Of The Natural Landscape

Spring (dramatic pause) is almost here. There’s even a spring in my step as the temperatures rise this week. Even though the official first day of spring isn’t until a month from now, the sun has definitely started coming up early and setting late. People seem just a tad more cheerful, and outdoor events seem a lot more popular. Some things are better done in bright sunlight, pretty flowers, and great company, right?

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Started From The Bottom, Now We’re Here

These days, the idea of graduation is looming over my head- will I go back to school? Will I do another internship? Am I ready for a real job? Should I take a graduation trip? Gathering from June’s first year in the real world, it doesn’t sound scary, in fact, it sounds informative and exciting. But am I ready to reflect on life lessons I’ve learnt in architecture school? Are my days of an intern numbered?

So I’m not ready to reflect on life lessons from architecture but it is my last co-op work term and here 5 things I’ve learn from each of my experiences.

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For You, To Be More Daring

It’s still January, and for those of us who are keeping with their resolutions- congratulations! This is the best part of a new year, where you can still feel ambitious about all the things you wanted to do, to go, to eat and see! For me, every time I seem to have time to do the things I’ve been meaning to do, something else comes up. I’m sure everyone else must feel this way too but it’s no excuse to forget! Every year is a chance to better ourselves whether it’s to encourage ourselves to try or learn something new. For 2017, this year’s theme will be to be more daring.
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Year In Review for Design of 2016 – Fashion, Architecture, and Graphics!

Just like last year it’s nice to reflect on what was trendy for the design industry throughout the year. This not only allows us a moment to reminisce and maybe remember to bring with us the design trends to the new year! Instead of looking at specifically architectural motifs this year, lets broaden the horizon to include some fashion, and graphic design trends as well.

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Hello 2017 – Starting Excited, Organized and Ready!


Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of a fresh start and I know I am excited to get off on the right foot. With new resolutions and aspirations, I set strategies that can help me get through the year with minimal roadblocks. I am graduating this year and I can’t say just how scared excited I am to be in the real world very soon….

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3 Ways The Holidays Illuminate A City

December may be the prettiest month of the year- the lights, the costumes, the atmosphere, and the shops! While I understand not everyone celebrates the same holidays, I think we can all agree that the aesthetics of December warms up the chill!

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5 Gifts For A Designer

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re anything like me, you hate the cold and would do anything to avoid leaving the house. Especially if that means running from store to store, hunting for the perfect gift for that one friend who is especially picky in the receiving end of gift-giving.  Have no fear, online shopping is here! There is no doubt that if you have a friend or a relative in the creative industry, you already know what you gift must be up-to-par; they have a keen eye for useful well-designed knick-knacks? I know just the thing.

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