Perfect VOID

Over the weekend, I had another facetime chat with an oversee friend.  

While we were getting glimpses of our surroundings through the iPhone screens, we both screamed “when is this pandemic ending!” at the same time.

Reminiscing about our old times and the places we visited, trying new foods, and just being generally open to new things, I wonder if we could truly go back to the “old times”.    

The weekend call got me started thinking about the trip I had years ago: Seoul, Korea. Particularly the time I literally ran into a place, actually a hole in the ground. 

Here is the story from that old times…

One of the most unexpected, but wonderful tours happed two days before leaving Seoul, Korea; the walkway at the Ehwa University. It is a well-recognized women’s university in Seoul, and my initial plan was to check out the school, and do some shopping around the campus (always!), as well as hanging out at some cute coffee shops I heard so much about from the people I met in Seoul.

Of course, that plan changed drastically when I walked into the main entrance of the university.   I saw IT!  The stunning VOID space right in front of my eyes:  the walkway connecting students from the main entrance side to the other side of the campus.  Not only the walkway/ ramp seemed like a practical way to travel the campus, but also the most appealing way to experience the “whole” campus.  Like the students, I started walking down the path, and experienced the surroundings on every side of the walkway:  glass enclosures on both sides, majesti


After spending a couple of hours more than what I had initially planned at the campus, it was clear I was not going to be able to do both shopping and the coffee shop expeditions….the shopping won!  Combining my two favorite activities – shopping and walking around the cities-and running into a beautiful spot made it as the best travel day during my Seoul trip.




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