My five fall style essentials

Anyone else not ready to let go of summer? This week, I’ll be moving on from summer essentials to fall staples. And I won’t be mentioning my beloved oversize hoodies this time!

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More adulty versions of teen staples

This week I’ll be sharing more elegant versions of pieces youth can’t live without.

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5 Accessories that’ll take your outfit from “ugh” to “oomph”

Small changes can go a long way!

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Goof proof and effortless winter-to-spring outfits

Versatile, timelessly trendy outfits that are so easy to throw on.

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Feel good fashion tips for fighting winter blues

As I mentioned in my post on confidence earlier, January and February are hard hard hard months. I don’t know about you, but my moods are typically the lowest in the weeks before spring. So this week, I’ll be sharing some tips on how to feel better from the outside – with fashion and style!

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Capsule wardrobe – Urban streetstyle

Hi everyone! I feel like I’m beating a dead horse whenever I mention my love for unisex/oversize clothes. I honestly can’t remember the last time I “dressed nice”. Last summer, I did a capsule wardrobe post for an all-black dress code. This week, I’ll be sharing a capsule wardrobe inspired by what I’ve been wearing lately. 

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Timelessly trendy clothing combinations pt.2

I had been planning to do the monthly OOTD post, but I caught a cold and I’m feeling too icky to take pictures of myself. Since my first Timelessly trendy clothing combinations post was well received, I decided to do another one with more cold weather appropriate outfits.

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Warm and wearable fall trends

How many of you have turned the heat on? One morning my family woke up and it was 17 degrees in the house. We thought we could just bundle up for now…but we caved. In spirit of the colder weather (and Halloween decorations being out), I’ll be sharing several fall trends that are so comfortable and wearable!

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Timelessly trendy clothing combinations

Have you ever had an outfit you wore so often that it would be your default look if life were a cartoon? There’s just something about that certain clothing combination that draws you in. You love wearing it and love seeing it on someone else. This week, I’ll be sharing quite a few combinations I never tire of. Potential fashion inspo ahead!

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10 traits of a fashion rebel – could this be you?

The fashion industry can be a vicious pit of consumerism and lifestyle marketing. But to me, fashion is first and foremost a form of self expression. Somehow, it has become rebellious to be individualistic when the media pushes for conformity. This week, I’m sharing some common traits of fashion rebels.

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