For You, To Be More Daring

It’s still January, and for those of us who are keeping with their resolutions- congratulations! This is the best part of a new year, where you can still feel ambitious about all the things you wanted to do, to go, to eat and see! For me, every time I seem to have time to do the things I’ve been meaning to do, something else comes up. I’m sure everyone else must feel this way too but it’s no excuse to forget! Every year is a chance to better ourselves whether it’s to encourage ourselves to try or learn something new. For 2017, this year’s theme will be to be more daring.

For the artist

Toronto is a hub incubating new art and exhibits, including last weekend’s “Come up to my room” . The exhibition, which takes place at Gladstone Hotel could probably be the epitome of taking risks, and pushing new ideas. They had immersive installations, and artisan designed rooms for show. One of my favourites was the artwork done by Tara Krebs, in which she displayed many illustrations that depicted a mysterious fairytale open for interpretation; she describes more on her website as assorted narratives.


View more of her work on her beautiful portfolio


If you missed this event, don’t fret, for your daily design/creative dose, drop by the Design Exchange, and see what exhibition they have.

For our international readers, obviously we’re going to have to improvise on a more digital outlet for design related indulgence. Check out a popular but lesser known design magazine, Justified. They have quirky photos, brilliant layouts, and all around inspiring photos.

For the hungry

I’m not suggesting anyone eat anything exotic but rather, how they eat and who they dine with to be more daring. How about eating with strangers? New friends from a new experience? While this seemed daunting at first, I realised it brings us back to our more primal instinct to experience an authentic communication without the inhibitions of the digital realm. You can meet anyone at Random dinner hosted at any chosen restaurants. Learn more from their website!


If you prefer to keep your friends close, maybe test your limits at O.Noir, a restaurant where you eat completely in the darkness. A sensual dining experience where you can only rely on your other senses rather than sight!


For the polymath

When I was younger I told my brother I would be an architect during the days of the week, an artist during the night of the weeks, and a piano teacher on the weekends. My brother called me crazy but that didn’t deter me from pursuing all three! It’s nice to commit to hobbies that I can always seek to improve upon. I recently picked up watercolours instead of my usually go-to acrylics for a new challenge.


While I always tend to lean towards activities that stimulate the right side of my brain, I can’t help but want to stretch out the left, for the more logical and analytical cravings. Learning from MIT open courseware is one of the best sources or even Khan academy.

For the wanderlust

Despite having just come back from a semester abroad, I always get a tinge of pain in my soul that tells me I need to go explore (especially after hours sitting at a desk, working). Take advantage of Canada’s free 2017 discovery pass that allows you unlimited opportunities to explore access free-of-charge Canada’s many national parks.

Tobermory, at Flower Pot Island.

If, even after all this, the things you have seen, eaten, learnt, and travelled, you still feel you haven’t reached your limits; it’s probably because we always strive to become our best and if that’s really achievable then we would be pretty bored pretty fast. So here’s to the first month of the new year coming to an end, and countless adventures waiting to be had!

Author: Crystal Yung

Hello! My name is Crystal Yung and I am an undergraduate student studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. Please feel free to check our my online portfolio of my works:

4 thoughts

  1. So much energy- keep up, can’t wait to read more! Will definitely have to try the restaurant O.Noir soon. super cute giraffe! 🙂


  2. You don’t need the plan to be daring. You already are! Architect/ artist/ piano teacher all at once! I am truly amazed at your enthusiasm towards life, and I have this sudden urge to go find mine. Great post


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