Green Crush: importance of investment coat

Having over 50 coats?

I recently read an article about a fashion editor who loves buying coats more than any other clothing items:   shoes, bags, jewelries, etc.    It is a sentiment I completely understand since I have that same feeling towards buying and collecting coats and jackets.  In fact, I have my own code name for this activity, “acquisition.”  Like developers acquiring their real estate properties, or car collectors buying another car, I take my “acquiring” process seriously; first with a quick mental calculation on how many times I will be wearing the item, and then comparing to the price I will be paying, and why it is a good idea (not always) to buy that one importance piece of a clothing items.   When I cannot justify/ explain/ validate the reason for buying one more coat, I once had given myself the permission to say, “You cannot have too many coats in Toronto”  

However, my recent “acquisition” of a dark-green coat came from much more solid footing:  importance of looking professional.   As any professionals in design industries know(mine-architect), it is typically not necessary for us designers to dress in formal suits…except in the situation of meeting clients for the first time.  A few days ago, I showed up at a client meeting (not the “first time” kind) to go over some design changes with the client and the contractor with my recent “acquisition” on.  The first comment I received from the client was that if I was going to some big meeting afterward, and the reaction I received from the contractor after the talk of design changes has been an unusual one; he did not give me his usual reason why the change is not good, and how it was going to cost more to make the changes.  The meeting was so easy…I did not get to spend time discussing/ convincing the contractor why the design changes were absolutely necessary.  He agreed with me on the changes, and he even offered some innovative ways to execute those changes.  I was floored….Although I did not probe into the clients “big meeting” comment, and the contractor’s pleasant demeanor, I had a suspicion that it had something to do with that green coat, and that idea of “looking professional”.  Just this time around, I can safely say my “acquisition” has been a truly valuable commodity I needed to invest in.




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