The Psychology Of A Designers’ Workspace

Hello readers! My name is Crystal Yung and I am a new contributor to the OnahJung blog and marketing assistant for Studio Jonah. I am an architecture student studying at the University of Waterloo. The feature image (at the top) is our first year studio. (Photograph is taken by my classmate, Lisa Huang).

I graduate next year so I’ve been exploring the design industry. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to gather experience in varying work spaces through my co-op education.

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Is it necessary to understand?

Sometimes, we don’t need to ask why / Seattle 2014

If someone like me, who is an architectural designer who once aspired to become a photographer, you may have guessed that I’m OBSESSED (that’s right, bold and capital letters!) with details and also very realistic. I’m often prepared, organised and consistent, but at the same time, I can be easily stressed over things that I cannot always control. However, something has previously taught me that I don’t always have to understand everything, but simply accept how certain things are.


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Tapping into Revit: First Impressions

While still in school, I heard multiple times that Revit is a must-learn software, an advanced building information modelling (BIM) application often used in highly technical architecture firms. The urge to learn basic programs like AutoCAD for school purposes, however, has previously restrained me from learning more comprehensive software like Revit. Motivated by Crystal to continue working on new year’s resolutions, I was encouraged to finally tap into Revit, and my first impressions are…

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Creation is a Patient Search

p.87_079_FLC_1791.jpgImage Source: Archdaily

The title of a book written by Le Corbusier in 1960’s is my motto this year: creation is a patient search. Often, as designers, we seek for the sources of inspiration in order to create and bring design to life, whether that’s a product, sculpture, building, or simply a painting. It would be magical to create a masterpiece in a snap, but after all, it’s about 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration.

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My First Year in the Real World (Note: not scary)

2016 has been an incredible year, and I hope it has for you readers too! For me, I graduated (more like survived) from an architecture school (thank god!) and started working as an architectural designer — the very first step of a long journey ahead. What has it been like so far as an architectural designer?

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Green Crush: importance of investment coat

Having over 50 coats?

I recently read an article about a fashion editor who loves buying coats more than any other clothing items:   shoes, bags, jewelries, etc.    It is a sentiment I completely understand since I have that same feeling towards buying and collecting coats and jackets.  In fact, I have my own code name for this activity, “acquisition.”  Like developers acquiring their real estate properties, or car collectors buying another car, I take my “acquiring” process seriously; first with a quick mental calculation on how many times I will be wearing the item, and then comparing to the price I will be paying, and why it is a good idea (not always) to buy that one importance piece of a clothing items.   When I cannot justify/ explain/ validate the reason for buying one more coat, I once had given myself the permission to say, “You cannot have too many coats in Toronto”   Continue reading “Green Crush: importance of investment coat”