Top 5 accessories of a lazy fashion girl

I love sparkly things and bling. But I don’t have the patience to keep a huge jewelry collection or match my accessories to my outfit everyday. Here’s how I’ve been accessorizing my life with minimum effort.

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Mood boosting essentials for working at home

The benefit of having a work station at home is that you can truly personalize it. This is your space to do whatever you want! Here is what getting work on at home looks like for me.

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Fashion favorites of a young adult

In some ways, it’s good to never grow up! This week, I’ll be sharing some fashion favorites I haven’t talked about much.

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2020 – Year of the Fashion Rebel

It’s time to embrace a new age of responsible consumerism.

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We are hiring! – fashion and design bloggers

Are you obsessed with all things design:  Fashion, Lifestyle, Interior, Architecture?

Love blogging, reading blogs and keeping up with the latest design trends? If so, we are looking for you.  We’re looking for designers to create our content and grow our blog.

You’ll have to be up-to-date on the latest trends, have a keen editorial sense as well as be highly web literate and self-motivated. You’ll not only have to have a vision for what makes a great blog but also play an instrumental role in growing a community around design contents.

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Peace of wardrobe, peace of mind

Do clothes get stressful sometimes?

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Styling dresses for colder weather – a cold blooded person’s guide

Yes, my fellow cold-blooded dress lovers. It is possible to wear dresses in the cold.

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My five fall style essentials

Anyone else not ready to let go of summer? This week, I’ll be moving on from summer essentials to fall staples. And I won’t be mentioning my beloved oversize hoodies this time!

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More adulty versions of teen staples

This week I’ll be sharing more elegant versions of pieces youth can’t live without.

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Sustainable fashion on a budget – three habits you can start

Do you have a love-hate relationship with fast fashion? Do you want to make more sustainable purchasing decisions but don’t have a lot to spend?

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