How to wear head to toe design?

I have been pretty lucky with random networking meetings recently…It is not usually expected to meet a person at random events, and make connections. However,  for some reasons (maybe it has to do with the temperature finally rising above minuses, and me going out for more networking events :)), I met many designers from various industries; fashion, interior design, and then most recently the jewelry design. It’s always fascinating to learn about how they work, where their inspirations come from, as well as about  the designers themselves. In addition, using their design skills to build their businesses is an intriguing story, I never get tired of hearing about.  As a designer /entrepreneur myself,  the final point about  “building their business”, I am incessantly curious how they are bringing these two roles to their work and life.

Jewelry Designer, Laurie Fleming  is such a person who is building her business using her design skills.  Please check out her beautiful website for all her creations and make sure to pick up a few pieces!  And also to ask her all the questions you have about all things’ jewelry design!

As you already know, I’m always curious about how all of us designers work and where their ideas come from, whether it is creating a beautiful jewelry piece, or trying to make sense of organizing the building floor plans in my case.   

Check out her views on her work, design, life, etc. in her own words.

What inspired you to go into your industry?

I’ve always been a designer at heart, so I knew I would go into a creative field. I actually graduated from OCADU’s advertising program and while I was studying started making jewellery as a hobby. I kept making it and realized how much more I enjoyed 3-dimensional jewellery design, versus the 2-dimensional graphic design and art direction I was studying. It also had a level of self-expression that being in advertising lacked.

What is your favourite part about your career?

My favourite part of the job is definitely the design, though with your own business you spend 90% of your time taking care of other parts of the business. I have enjoyed building more of the other parts of the company as well and learning new things as I go. Having your own line exposes you to a lot of different parts about business that you wouldn’t get to learn without doing everything yourself.


What do you do when you are out of the office?

I’m never out of office. 🙂  I do like to get inspiration from movies, television, various digital media, photography, editorials, history and art. I also love travelling, whenever I get the opportunity.

What do you think “good design” in entails? (whether it is about jewelry, etc)  

Good design entails empathy; understanding the people who you’re creating for. I also believe in having a strong point of view, specifically in fashion. You need to create what you think the customer (and the world) needs; what you think would be good for them and enhance their life experiences.

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