How to be a designer X 3?

It is always exciting to meet designers….any designers!

I find ALL designers understand and think alike, or at the very least appreciate the design process one goes through… even if they come from different design industries: fashion, graphic, interior, etc.  With this understanding, one can imagine how I felt getting introduced to a designer with THREE different areas of design all rolled into ONE:  Rachel from

She is the creative force behind her design studio with three similar but distinctive design services: stylist, photography, graphic design.  It is time to ask the  designer how she creates all these beautiful images.

Rachel Pangilinan Final_T7A8869-Edit-web
What inspired you to have your own business (stylist/ photography/graphic design)?

My parents owned their own 1-Hr photo processing and photography studio when I was young. They designed their own logo and styled a bunch of photo shoots there. Being brought up in this studio for a few years taught me how to mix hard work and all kinds of creativity together.

What is your favourite part about your work?

I looove scouting locations, sourcing clothing, capturing that “money” shot and hearing that my clients are happy. The beauty of what I do is that I’m constantly learning, exploring, experimenting and improving.

What do you do when you are out of the office?

Sing! I do a few jazz covers in my spare time and will hopefully pick up some gigs soon. I also love checking out local cafés, taking creative workshops, attending local meetups and expanding my imagination watching sci-fi movies.

What do you think “good design” entails?

Personally, I enjoy minimalist design. I love the idea of not having to embellish something because it simply isn’t necessary. The clever use of typography, imagery and all this “breathing space” captivates, evokes a feeling or thought and leaves a lasting impression. Good design will seduce you.

What is your advice for people who want to be a stylist/start a styling business?

Know your stuff well, stay current with trends, get specific about your place in the industry and build around those decisions! Also, don’t underestimate the importance of research, goal mapping and planning. Find a muse or a mentor, too.



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