Being A Tourist In My Own City – Doors Open Toronto

Recently I’ve realized I take my city for granted because I forget that people from all over the world actually come and see these places I past every day. It takes a special event to rekindle the local tourist in me. This year it was a Toronto event called “Doors Open”. It offers free and rare access to many significant buildings across the city.  If you missed it this year- there’s always the next!

The featured image is of Nathan Phillips square (where I started my walk). Are you wondering how I managed that shot without people in my way? Answer is a lot of waiting and people watching.

This weekend event from 9am – 5pm means it is nearly impossible to visit all the amazing sites it offers so I selectively and strategically choose the harbour front because it was a beautiful day to spend by the waterside and I wanted to see sites I normally don’t get to visit-like a boat.

Looking out on the deck of Empire Sandy towards the Toronto Islands.

I got abroad Empire Sandy which is a ship that normally operates chartered tours. This year’s theme was “Re-used, Re-visited and Revised”, and this ship was clearly historically renewed to modern day requirements (it had a DJ booth).

Following my adventure at sea (or more correctly just Lake Ontario), I strolled along Queen’s quay until I reached an old 1928 silo. It was so unadorned but monumental during the day that I think it could easily become quite eerie and intimidating at night.

Canada’s Malting Company – an industrial 1928 Silo

Being a tourist in my own city regenerated my curiosity to explore and I’d love to see any of your photos if you participated in the event (clearly I didn’t go to all the buildings)!

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Author: Crystal Yung

Hello! My name is Crystal Yung and I am an undergraduate student studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. Please feel free to check our my online portfolio of my works:

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