Creation is a Patient Search

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The title of a book written by Le Corbusier in 1960’s is my motto this year: creation is a patient search. Often, as designers, we seek for the sources of inspiration in order to create and bring design to life, whether that’s a product, sculpture, building, or simply a painting. It would be magical to create a masterpiece in a snap, but after all, it’s about 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration.


1. Sketches

Personal Sketchbook

Often easily overlooked, sketching is a powerful habit that bridges thoughts and ideas with visuals and keeps the floating ideas in a loop. Of course, if you are a gifted architect like Frank Gehry who can design within a few scribbles and be done with design process, you wouldn’t even need to bother. The practice of doodling and sketching not only keeps the creative juice flowing but also increases concentration and productivity, resulting in a more solid idea.


2. Trials and errors

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Over the course of human history, our world has been built upon trials and errors: once the best solution becomes a problem of the future. Similarly, as part of most design processes, the search for perfect answer can be burdened with some obstacles on the way. For instance, one of the lessons I learned in the first five months of working is that creativity can be easily limited by restrictions like building code or zoning bylaw. The only solution is to come up with a creative idea and work around all the regulations in order to realise it.


3. Travel & Explore

DSC_0138.jpgPersonal Travel Photo in Chicago

Experience is a relative matter. You cannot understand fully or explain thoroughly until you see or experience yourself. We often hear from many people in general, regardless of their occupations, to go out and see the world, whether abroad or simply your neighbourhood. I’ve recently discovered the Lost Rivers by Helen Mills, who questioned small things in our daily urban life that we take for granted or fail to notice and ask ourselves ‘why?’. Her curiosity has unveiled the forgotten history of ravine system in Toronto and led to re-discovery of buried geographical system. Start from your area and see what you can find!


Greeting a fresh new year, everyone must be full of hopes and resolutions, and so am I! As I said, my goal of the year is to be patient but consistent, and never stop working toward my goals. What is your creative plan this year? Share with us!

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  1. so very true. I learned at the architecture school, great design idea all of sudden “pops” into my head after hours of spending time at the library researching, thinking, drinking coffee….more coffee. Great post!

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    1. Hey there, thank you for your comment! Yes, isolating oneself at the library or cafe, having an intensive thinking session WITH coffee does help a lot 🙂 and never forget sketchbooks!


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