Being the best version of you

We’ve all heard “be the best version of yourself”, but were do we start?

When it comes to evolving as a person, you can’t do everything at once. Being the best you is not about trying to be perfect. It’s about setting a clear and attainable path for yourself. So take some time to recognize some traits you like and how you’d amplify them.

Here is my list for some inspiration:


Critical Thinking

In such an information-filled world, it’s important to question things and not take everything at face value. Recognize knowledge gaps, play devil’s advocate sometimes, and be opinionated. As our favorite alcoholic scientist from Rick and Morty said in the beginning of Season 2, “Think for yourselves. Don’t be sheep.”

For me, critical thinking means not being impressionable. I shouldn’t go along with whatever somebody says or does just because I trust them. But sometimes, it turns into a slippery slope that leads to overthinking and pessimism. I can’t be a critical thinker all the time or I’d go insane. There’s a time to be analytical and there’s a time to shut my brain off with reality TV.


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I can’t remember the last time I made something to just be creative. The past few years, I’ve been making things for grades or for work. I love mixing creativity and problem solving. But along the way, I forgot what it feels like to just be expressive. I forgot the origin of my love for art.

Going forward, I will push myself to start creating again so I can reconnect with where it all started.



I once heard that most people would rather follow a leader who is imperfect and admits to their faults rather than a leader who is wildly confident and sees no error in themselves.

I had always worn my heart on my sleeve. I’m an expressive person, so I pretty much suck at hiding my emotions. But that’s not the same as honesty. I’m still learning how to be honest with myself. It’s easy to hide and rationalize away certain things, but nothing can get better without honesty first. 

I’ve gotten better at letting go of the need to look like I have my life together all the time. I’m working on getting better at being honest with my own thoughts, feelings, and actions.


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One of the worst possible things someone can do is get complacent and stop growing. Growth is not supposed to be easy. It can be embarrassing, draining, tedious, and disheartening. Growth is so difficult because it means admitting to certain faults. And that’s not all. Growth only happens when you start doing better and learning something new. Somebody who is constantly growing is also relentless and insatiable. One of my most memorable posts is about growth.

I had been facing a major obstacle since summer this year. Since then, there’s been trial and error, progress and regress. I’m finally at a point where I have a better perspective and I’m more honest with myself. Now it’s a matter of forming new habits and sticking to my goals.


Do we have anything in common? What are some traits you like about yourself?


Hugs and kisses,

~ Jin

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