Three more powerful, memorable quotes

We all need a little extra strength boost in these times.

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Top 5 accessories of a lazy fashion girl

I love sparkly things and bling. But I don’t have the patience to keep a huge jewelry collection or match my accessories to my outfit everyday. Here’s how I’ve been accessorizing my life with minimum effort.

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Big progress from small progress

Training montages have deceived us.

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Mood boosting essentials for working at home

The benefit of having a work station at home is that you can truly personalize it. This is your space to do whatever you want! Here is what getting work on at home looks like for me.

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An emotional person’s thoughts on…getting your life together

I’ve been gifted a book called Get Your Sh*t Together (gee bestie, thanks for the tough love), and wanted to share some musings. From one person trying to get their life together to another.

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Fashion favorites of a young adult

In some ways, it’s good to never grow up! This week, I’ll be sharing some fashion favorites I haven’t talked about much.

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Being the best version of you

We’ve all heard “be the best version of yourself”, but were do we start?

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2020 – Year of the Fashion Rebel

It’s time to embrace a new age of responsible consumerism.

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Three lessons from 2019 – Career, health, honesty

I know it’s a little early for a review post, but my birthday’s coming up so…it’s existential crisis time! Who else is not ready at all for 2020??

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Peace of wardrobe, peace of mind

Do clothes get stressful sometimes?

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