Mood boosting essentials for working at home

The benefit of having a work station at home is that you can truly personalize it. This is your space to do whatever you want! Here is what getting work on at home looks like for me.

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An emotional person’s thoughts on…getting your life together

I’ve been gifted a book called Get Your Sh*t Together (gee bestie, thanks for the tough love), and wanted to share some musings. From one person trying to get their life together to another.

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Being the best version of you

We’ve all heard “be the best version of yourself”, but were do we start?

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2020 – Year of the Fashion Rebel

It’s time to embrace a new age of responsible consumerism.

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Overcoming motivation slumps – an emotional person’s guide

Motivation doesn’t last, but neither does being clean after bathing. That’s why you have to upkeep it.

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Styling dresses for colder weather – a cold blooded person’s guide

Yes, my fellow cold-blooded dress lovers. It is possible to wear dresses in the cold.

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Why you need a solo trip in your 20’s

Packing your bags and getting away from everyone and everything can do you a lot of good!

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What is self love?

Do you love yourself? That’s a loaded question, isn’t it.

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An emotional person’s musings on new beginnings

The phoenix is such a powerful image. It can raze anything to the ground, but more importantly, it rises from its own ashes. I don’t think there’s anything more badass than that!

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4 Ways to get a handle on stress shopping

Ever since I started making my own paycheques, shopping has been my main outlet of stress. (Followed closely by junk food). Since I’ve hit a transitional point in my career, I’ve had to really mind my budget. Here’s how I’ve been getting a grip on stress shopping.

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