White is new Black

Not sure why I do not like wearing white…

I think I have about five white tops and one white skirt all together in my closet.

Yes, ONE white skirt!!!


I suppose my avoidance has to do with some practical, as well as psychological reasons; not wanting to try different stain removal detergent for that omni present coffee stain could be the big practical reason.

In addition, I somehow bought into the idea that white outfits are not as flattering(?)as dark ones. (There is something about the BLACK outfits that makes the look complete (if not, at least slimming) and even I dare to say they look professional.)  

Whatever the reasons may be; I  avoided the white outfits until recently.

However, I had to make the change this summer…getting the gift from family members, especially the handmade gift by mom forced me to try something NEW: white crochet top with pale brown flower design on the front side.

It was so not like my usual outfits: white, flowers, feminine….It was so not me!

However, with a few different(forced) reminders from everyone in the family, I had to be brave trying this adventure.

Well, guess which skirt I wore the top with! Yes, it was my “one and only” white skirt which came out to see the light finally.

I may be not be going to construction job site anytime soon with this outfit, however, I am sure there will be some other occasions for this new found look…

What are you doing differently this summer?


14 thoughts

  1. I too have very few white items in my wardrobe. Maybe 4 white shirts, 1 jacket 1 pair of shorts. It may not be as slimming as black, bit is much more summery! You should wear white more often though, it looks great on you!


  2. Hello Onah (my FRIEND!);

    To be honest, I always liked the color white. The brighter, the purer, the better.

    However, growing up in a very traditional Asian household, I quickly learned that white was not encouraged in any ensemble, except one: funeral garb.

    As a child I found the contrast of a white hairband entwined around the black, shiny locks of my ponytail very pretty. However, I soon gave up on the practice after I had it ripped out of my hair by my mother, and other older Asian women in my neighborhood because I was told that: 1.One only wore white in or on their hair to commemorate the deceased; 2.Wearing white for any other reason was not only blasphemous, but disrespectful of the symbolism behind the color.

    I later found that the fear of tarnishing the symbolism was moot if one’s white clothing/accessory was intermixed with other colors (e.g. Onah, your white shirt with the light brown crochet detail). BUT, wearing a pure white ensemble – is a NO NO…unless one is holding or attending a funeral.

    However, fashions and trends change…I wonder if the symbolism behind colors may also follow suit some day?


    1. Hi Anne,
      I did not even know about the reply section on these comments sections….that is why I have not responded.
      I feel the same way about white as you do. like the colour white but not sure about wearing white, especially top to bottom white!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on white.
      Welcome to my blog, and keep coming back.


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